Munich 2020 in absentia

With the cancelled Munich HighEnd 2020 show, here's what Métronome's Jean Marie Clauzel and Artesanía's & Kroma's Cayetano Castellano planned on showing in art-meets-sound style. New for Métronome's range is the 3rd-gen Le Player, a pure CD transport with selectable upsampling for those who maintain a disc library but already own a DAC.

With Jean Marie's top models having long since spun off into their own Kalista brand, those plus custom Artesanía tripods would also have been on display.

Kroma would have brought their compact Stella tower not just in its expected white Krion cab…

… but tropical colors. After all, Spandiards refer to München as Monaco.

These represent a collaboration with French-born Juan Pablo Vacas who now calls Madrid home. Critics apparently compare him to Gordillo, Pollock, Rothko and Viola and now you can have his work on your pair of speakers.

And that's just one exhibit we all missed out on this year. Sniff!

Métronome's website | Kalista's website | Kroma's website