D-day. It's about d-coupling not spiking loudspeakers. I've promoted that concept for many moons with isolators from Boenicke, Carbide, HifiStay and sound|kaos. Of course today Magico and Wilson Audio engineer their very own. At HighEnd Munich 2024, maker of viscoelastic-based isolation footers IsoAcoustics will demonstrate how their tech improves the performance of speakers from partner brands like Mårten's Parker Trio Diamond, Gershman's Grand Avantgarde and Perlisten's S7t. Then they'll show how Sonus faber have fully integrated their tech into the Suprema model's main tower and subwoofer [see below].

The era of the spike and accidentally hole-ridden parquet floors would really seem to be on its last leg now? As Sonus faber's Livio Cucuzza put it, "our decoupling system used to be outside the main speaker body but that was always a compromise because those springs and elastomers were exposed. With Suprema we wanted to integrate the solution for a cleaner design and isolate all the electronic components like the circuit board and connections, just everything."

"We had a few meetings with IsoAcoustics to understand the properties of their technology. When we understood how it works, we did several simulations to identify the best placement of the isolators in our product. We needed to learn how much weight we could put onto the feet. When we achieved the sim results we were looking for, we ordered actual samples from IsoAcoustics. They visited us a few times for auditions. Together we managed stress and mechanical tests, figured out the correct amount of decoupling and whether the feet were too soft or hard. It was a back-and-forth, trial-and-error process until we had the desired results."

Engineering better isolators clearly takes more than just playing footies underneath a table.