Gryphon's Munich surprise

After January's reveal of their Commander and Apex electronics, reasonable onlookers would have been certain that Gryphon had wholly drained their kitchen sink of novelties for this year. Yet in Munich, the Danish luxury hifi house previewed a prototype design concept replacement for their Mojo S monitor, Eos 2. With retired founder Flemming Rasmussen having found a new home with Audio Group Denmark, Eos 2 introduces revised design cues by S. Slebo and B.B. Meldgaard [below].

The most obvious is the cabinet. Its side view approaches a truncated pyramid yet its cross section is hexagonal. The no-longer-concave baffle still remains finished with Gryphon's signature strings. Enough new and existing design language intersects to refresh the look without alienating existing brand loyalists; a very difficult tightrope to navigate. The 2-way driver complement is all new, too. It combines a hi-tech 1.3-inch Beryllium dome tweeter with a 7-inch spread-tow carbon-laminated mid/woofer sourced from SB Acoustics. Eagle-eyed readers already spied another novelty: assignable port directionality. The customer can alter the bass-line loading from venting out back to front for best in-room behavior. There's even a 3-pole toggle switch between the binding posts to optimize toe-in angle. Surveying the evidence, the only thing I'm unsure about is the prototype designation. Doesn't this already look fully wrapped up with a bow? In which case I'm throwing my name into the hat of eventual reviewers being blessed with a short-term loaner to hear how all of it comes together. Bjarne tells me that my name is now with Rune and Jakob. They handle review scheduling and assignations. Fingers x'd.