Glassic One

We usually don't indulge them, not even April 1st. But today is the exception. Let's see how long it takes you to catch on.

Curious where you might go for that audition?

How about these? What do we think these rimmed "spherical" enclosures are made from – some type of industrial bins joined together with their bottoms punched out?

Your inner bell was probably a false alarm. After all, these Chihuly Editions look very swell indeed.

Terracotta pots turned transducer… by now you could be wondering?

Clearly this is very rough terracotta and only partially glazed. Probably good for that organic sound and if those legs are hollow, they'll break up all internal standing waves?

While you were just about in on it, this next assemblage could have you pull back on that feeling again. But does everything really add up? Or are you openly baffled by now?

Okay, now it all makes sense. It's David Kan's lair, former Canadian contributor whose hobby are DIY loudspeakers. Having been in high-powered advertising during his former career, he also knows how to mock up a good-looking ad. Hence the Glassic One opener.

But if you thought even for a moment that any of these designs were in production and available to buy, you've fallen for:

When August 4th is the new April 1st, your rear end goes all spirally. You gotta admit, David is properly fearless in his pursuit of the DIY speaker hobby. Good man! One wonders just how many household items have succumbed to being repurposed in David's workshop. His wife is probably used to buying spares just in case certain items mysteriously disappear then reappear unrecognizably made over.

"The stainless steel project was the toughest one to crack."

"I've created this YouTube channel for auditions. Recording hifi playback is never accurate but it might give an idea. Reached my daily upload limit today. Will upload four more videos tomorrow." Where there is a will there is a way.