Get fyned

That looks like vintage Tannoy you say?

You wouldn't get fyned for being wrong, either. Only denizen under a rock haven't learnt that Scottish Fyne Audio are a group of ex Tannoy engineers who reclaimed control over their work in 2017 after Tannoy sold to Chinese investors. So it's not exactly shocking to see that the team under Dr. Paul Mills now has resurrected Tannoy's classic big vintage models so very popular in the Far East.

The Fyne Vintage range will feature seven models with an approximate UK price tag of £3'500 – £35'000/pr. Based on the latest iterations of their IsoFlare point-source driver, the Vintage range will split into Vintage and Vintage Classic models. The Vintage Series encapsulates Dr. Mills' 'no-compromise' execution of loudspeaker design promises the press release. It will result in a trio of premium models all with the firm's flagship IsoFlare drivers in 10", 12" and all-new 15" iterations. These drivers mate a 75mm titanium-dome compression tweeter with Neodymium motor to a stiff multi-fiber woofer cone. The hand-built/finished cabinets will use sustainable Birch ply crafted into twin-cavity curved enclosures. The lower cavity ports through the company's BassTrax system firing down onto a Tractrix diffuser cone. Finish will be Walnut veneers with Burr Walnut inlays and gold-anodized metal trim. A front-mounted analog presence control dial complements a second analogue dial for HF energy on the rear panel. 

The Vintage Classic range will employ traditional square cabinetry wider than deep as shown at left, with Walnut veneers and black baffles to emulate a '60-70s look.  The range will encompass four models, one monitor and three floorstanders around 8", 10" and 12" IsoFlare drive units with the familiar 360° BassTrax porting.