As seen in HifiStatement's Part 2 of their Warsaw show coverage, Fram's active Maxi 150 with rear-firing passive radiators sported a new tall ribbon instead of its customary SB Acoustics soft-dome tweeter. So I got with Jarek of Ancient Audio who also runs Fram with a team of collaborators. "This year Fram showed new models. One is the new Maxi with ribbon tweeter which you spotted. The most unusual new speaker takes the form of a movie or theatre reflector as you can see in the background. They will run SB Acoustics Satori drivers and standard SB coaxials. We'll make them passive and active. Just a few days before the show I also finished my new top-loading CD transport for Ancient. My legs, back and ass still remember the show mostly because the occupied elevators forced us to carry all our equipment downstairs via many flights of stairs. But I'm really glad that we had this event. Visitors complained of painful volume levels and bizarre music elsewhere then visited my room on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some came back several times, perhaps to check if things still sounded good? We played two systems: Vintage Horten D monitors on tripods fed from my Ancient Audio Lektor CD transport or a Samsung tablet via Bluetooth; and the Lektor transport, Single Solid DAC/integrated driving my Vintage Ribbon speakers in the foreground via Siltech Legend cables."