It's not short for full-metal clank but fibre media converter. It's how you can pimp out your router to audiophile cred for $494. According to the law of LHY, Jay's Audio's subsidiary brand, not with carbon but optical fibre shall we do that. So let's convert CAT5-type Ethernet transmission to optical like Toslink converts electrical S/PDIF to a light-based protocol. On the receiving end we must obviously reconvert optical to electrical. This is about hardwired not WiFi signal; and about how to best isolate said signal from all web/router-based noise and aerial contamination aka electro smog. A number of better 'audiophile' network switches already sport SFP fibre-optic ports. LHY's SW-6 and SW-10 do. So do streamers from Lumin and Melco.

With the new LHY RJ45-to-SFP converter with linear power supply and 10MHz OXCO clock, we can now bridge the physical distance between our router and streamer with fibre optics. Industrial fibre-optic wire is dirt cheap, ultra thin, without any length limits in domestic installs, easier to route than the thicker stiffer CAT5 variants, of broader bandwidth so higher speed; and with superior isolation built in.

Even if you don't think that this could have any possible sonic benefits, it's still a very practical alternative if, like in our digs, you must run 30m Ethernet spurs to connect computers to the network without involving WiFi. If we had to do the same for our rental's upstairs, clean routing along floor boards then up the stairs and down an 8m hallway could easily require 50-60 metres. From experience I know that doing this with fibre optics is rather more convenient; and far less visible under rugs should one have to cross a hallway right in the middle. Obviously fibre-optic converters are available on the cheap from various MediaMart emporiums just as we can pick up an el-cheapo network switch, router or WiFi extender. Finding such a converter from a reputable audio company however that's not been stratospherically priced and gold-plated has been a tougher assignment and sell; until now. I for one salute LHY's FMC for making its appearance. About time I say!