Subbing perfected?

It's no secret. I love to integrate a subwoofer by filtering both it and the mains via mirror-imaged low/high-pass filters. In the 2-channel space, analog solutions like Wilson Audio's and JL Audio's are rare expensive outboard crossovers unless one knows of the SublimeAcoustic K231. In the digital domain, I'd heard of Linn and TotalDAC. Today I became aware that Bel Canto Design's e1X DAC/pre and integrated do it too. The DAC with precision volume control offers a secondary analog line output to a subwoofer. Its menu-based digital bass management "includes independent selection of a 2nd-order Butterworth low pass and high pass filter set. The main speakers can be run full range or rolled off below frequencies from 40-120Hz in 10Hz increments. The subwoofer low pass can be set likewise. There's also ±6dB of gain trim on the subwoofer output." There's even a subtle bass EQ function. Voilà, flexible onboard integration of subwoofer and mains which bypasses a sub's plate-amp filter and thus, a redundant cycle of A/D⇒D/A conversion.

Subbing perfected? It quite reads like it and certainly adds to my shortlist of contenders in this malnourished sector!