Basel Acoustics

Photo credit: screen capture from this video.

Basel Acoustics is a new project between ex Boenicke CEO and long-time collaborator Piotr Misiewicz and Sven Boenicke of the eponymous speaker house. Their first model is the Concept V01 shown here at Munich HighEnd 2024 in front of Boenicke Audio's W22 flagship.

Unlike the latter's broad carved-from-solid wooden chassis, the V01 is a narrower construction. The classic Sven Boenicke recipe for this 8" 2-way continues with solid-wood construction; rear-firing ambient dome tweeter and slot port; shallow minimum-phase 1st-order filters exclusively; a floating driver-to-box suspension for its angled-up custom cellulose mid/woofer and the bullet-on-a-stalk assembly of the 2" widebander; internal electro-mechanical parallel resonators; and silk-wrapped Litz wiring.

As Edwin and Gabi of Siltech and Crystal Cable did with their two brands, spinning Basel Acoustics off Boenicke Audio creates more opportunities for slightly different approaches. Pricing for the V01 has been announced as CHF 12'800/pr. Availability seems to be now.

Their website already has a tab for electronics & cables plus an announcement for the upcoming Reference 01 speaker model. So it appears that Basel Acoustics will host plenty more collaborations between friends to potentially assemble complete systems in the future. "This new project will ultimately contain a fully comprehensive offer with unique values and features to astound our future customers and deliver products made with passion and dedication." Perusing sundry Munich show coverage from afar, this sighting struck me as one of the most exciting amongst the glut of Oligarch Fi shown across the MOC's upper floors. Should I get the call asking about my review interest, you'll already know my response: Hell yeah!

If the phone won't ring, I look forward to reading about this new speaker elsewhere. I'd be surprised if there weren't plenty of takers already…