Hung by the rope and thriving

Audite from the UK just took a large bite out of my personal hifi-hanger trilogy of Boenicke's Swingbase, the sound|kaos Vibra 68 footer and the various Wellfloat permutations from Japan.

What am I raving on about? Take a closer look. It's my favoured approach to equipment isolation. It uses wire or string suspension not ball bearings, the ancient spikes or those by necessity weight-rated squishy viscoelastics. Here hanging suspension executes with a platform big enough to support a turntable; comes in satin black or white; and charges us £645. It's called the Brij Nedan 2.0. Now you appreciate the headline: strung up as though by the proverbial rope without suffocating or breaking the neck but instead, better performance for sound that's more alive. At least that's the promise I read into it. I've not yet heard this particular execution. Prior reviews of existing hanging solutions simply have me convinced. Their inherent MO of friction-free flotation for horizontal freedom of motion is most effective and already well established. Now our space has gained one more option. That's cause not to get blue in the face but red with excitement. At least I think so. But then I'm an audio dweeb…