The 4th moon rises

Axxess is the 4th brand in the Audio Group Denmark portfolio of Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen. "Axxess will consist of innovative high-quality loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables which can sell at a more modest price than Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen gear. The first model from Axxess is the Forté streaming amplifier available in three levels. The core concept is of a 4-in-1 streamer, DAC, integrated and headphone amplifier. 100wpc Pascal UMAC™ tech for class D sits at the heart of the amplifier. Its power supply is an Aavik-inspired 'resonant mode' type to increase operating frequency and allow higher peak power. The noise floor remains very low and is even further reduced by the ultra-low noise controls that power the various parts of the circuit.

"The challenge of a traditional multi-bit DAC section is coping with increased noise contamination and signal delay. Forté features a 1-bit DAC developed in-house for fast data processing and insensitivity to noise. The streamer module is inspired by Aavik streamers and equipped with high-quality capacitors but no microcomputers. The headfi section operates in class A for excellent linearity, high gain and low distortion. Ansuz Tesla coil technologies are emblematic of Audio Group Denmark products from 2011 onward. These noise cancellation technologies also factor in the Forté range at potencies increasing with its three levels.

"In 2020 Aavik designed an amplifier cabinet from a composite material to reduce mechanical influences, especially hysteresis. The Axxess Forté series adopts the same composite on top and bottom."

The industrial design is a collaborative effort between Michael Børresen and Flemming Rasmussen. Now 'X' marks the spot.