Amped up to 6

14.03.2022. Soo in Chae's Enleum AMP-23R just netted its 6th enthusiastic review. Given that lucky number, you'd expect some add-on commentary from us. It's not that often that in such a short period of time, this many writers from different publications—with different ancillaries, rooms, tastes, hardware exposure and expectations—agree so much. Here they have, be it us,, HifiKnights, Hifistatement, Hi-Fi+ or Headphone.Guru. There's even two awards in that lineup already.

What's it all mean? It means that despite its high price for what is low transistor power and limited featurization in this Age of the All-in-One, the AMP-23R hits far harder than most should suspect. In fact, cater to its power limitations—none such in headfi use!—and this could be your end of the road. Forget a preamp as well. It's bonsai audio with a vengeance!

Postscript: Actually, today made for already 8 reviews and three awards. But at this rate, who's still counting? "More reviews are coming. It’s also been moving very well and we sold out our first production much sooner than expected so perhaps four times faster than the AMP-13R. We're currently building our second batch."