Spectacular. "Nice figures are coming from our new SDA-3 high-voltage converter module [overlay – Ed]. Here you can see a 900Hz sinewave at -140dB which still remains 20dB above the noise floor."

"Father of Morpheus' higher voltage will be set within the limits of its new R2R ladders and the maximum voltage of its I/V section. This should secure a -160dB noise floor and plenty of headroom during maximum output." Looking at green daddy appreciates modularity; the fact that vertical cards save space to reduce enclosure size; and that concern for low power consumption to minimize radiated noise means that upscaling Morpheus won't pork out into hifi bling. Ruijtenberg is about smart engineering, not catering to perception where more weight, size and complexity always win by default.

Whilst daddy would be home soon, it didn't appear that to the eye, he'd make much of a noisy entrance. We already know the inner circuitry to be all about the opposite: reducing self noise to expose the quietest parts of the signal without overlay or intermodulation. The motto is walking quietly in perfect stealth mode. It's not about making a fuss or being at all visible. MQA contrarians like yours truly also note that our kind won't pay for the feature. Cees makes it optional. I'm personally out on DSD too when all of my music is PCM. Should your library differ, use software resampling to PCM à la HQPlayer; or let this DAC do it. You decide.

May 16th. "Have done some preliminary measurements on the proto below."

"Crosstalk. You can see that it is possible to have a crosstalk with an average of 138dB despite our compact size."