The psych profile for the Raidho X1.6 …
a minimally warmish very pleasant character.
a perfectly integrated if slightly subdued treble whose gorgeously silky, weightlessly floating top octaves right up to super-treble turf set class standards for unobtrusive resolution.
♦ exhibit a slight excess of bass energy. Though not perfectly neutral, in combination with very good extension that creates surprisingly mature sound even if the bass isn't the last word in precision or control.
are slightly fleshier in the vocal range than studio-monitor neutral which coupled to powerful bass and a minimal restraint in the presence region doesn't incur any perceived loss of detail.
♦ paint in radiantly rich timbres which really differentiates strings and brasses as well as acoustic guitars.

♦ can play surprisingly loud but retain full detail density even at low levels.
♦ feel minimally restrained on macrodynamic transients so extremely loud slap bass isn't their forté.
♦ conjure up the full bandwidth of enchanting microdynamic gradations.
♦ soundstage brilliantly 3D and clearly outlined. The tangibility of imaging can be downright breathtaking.
♦ cast the stage in front of, on top and behind the speaker baffles depending on production, with not the most extreme depth of field I've heard thus far.
♦ are fairly easy loads suitable for most music styles.

Concept: passive rear-ported 2-way stand-mount
Dimensions & weight: 20 x 36 x 30cm WxHxD, 12kg/each
Trim: black or white gloss
Nominal impedance: 6Ω
Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/m
Other: Planarmagnetic foil tweeter and ceramic/aluminum sandwich woofer with titanium voice coil; optional stands
Warranty: 5 years