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Musical waves N°9

With millions of music tracks at our daily beck 'n' call, off the cloud like sweet rain on demand, here are a few which I recently cued up for a typically checkered playlist. We start with Teofilo Chantre and "Bo Viajá". It takes no genius to know what the title means.

Next is El Hadj N'Diaye with "Ragajuma" from the album XEL.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's honeyed voice is next with "Wiyathul".

Coco Mbassi with a cut from her Sepia album follows.

This leads us to Dobet Gnahore and her Ana Neko album.

With Idy Diop, we suddenly find ourselves on the islands.

More feel-good vibes come from Emeline Michel's "Nasyon Soley" from her Rasin Kreyol album. The opener with the joyous baby is pure genius.

Then we visit the orishas with Bobi Céspedes acting as the high priestess on "Yambu Rock" from her album Rezos.

Razia and her "Tsy Tara" from Zebu Nation is next.

From there we hit a dance hall with the Orchestra Baobob intoning the slinky "Hommage à Tonton Ferrer".

Combining Tango and Arabian gets us at Soumaya Baalbaki with "Ashanak ya amar".

That becomes perfect jumping board for Toufic Farroukh's "Villes Invisibles".

And now time's up.