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Musical waves N°21

With millions of music tracks at our daily beck 'n' call, off the cloud like sweet rain on demand, today we start with a masterclass in Manouche Jazz guitar compliments of Joscho Stephan and Bireli Lagrène.

Keyed into extreme virtuosity, we turn the guitar vertical and enlarge it to Renaud Garcia-Fons' 5-string upright fronting symphonic forces in a modern concerto for this instrument.

In a properly perspicacious mood on all things percussive, we're now primed for Prabhu and Stéphane Edouard's rhythmic healing from their laying on of hands onto all manner of responsive surfaces.

Back to Manouche Jazz where virtuosity now means saying a whole lot more with less is the Galliano Tangaria Quartet with this glorious take on the classic "Autumn Leaves".

Scaling up this recipe on energy and instrumentation are Amati and Dorado Schmitt on this number fronting a Big Band.

Dialing back to just two guitars are Peter Autschbach and Joscho Stephan on "Holobiont". And no, that's not a fish skeleton turned into a bass guitar.

Trading chemistry with Tommy Emmanuel is the classic "Sweet Georgia Brown". Wait for the sizzling Q&A interlude in the middle of the tune!

For glorious seconds there's "Caravan".

Time to leave Django's heirs and look farther East for a masterclass in Bulgarian accordeon compliments of Petar Ralchev who here covers a musette vals.

Returning to France with another Bulgarian accordion we do via Roberto de Brasov on this Jacques Brel classic cover. Hard to follow that tune with anything else.

So now time's up for today.