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Musical waves N°12

With millions of music tracks at our daily beck 'n' call, off the cloud like sweet rain on demand, here are a few which I recently cued up for a modern Flamenco guitar playlist. We start with Antonio Rey's "Teherán" from his Dos Partes de me album.

This leads to "Chicken Dog" by fusion master Gerardo Núñez from his Travesia album.

Not to be outdone is Juan Manuel Cañizares by showing off some Smooth Jazz vibes with "Rompeolas" from Punto de Encuentro.

Rocking that boat with some Arabian spices is Niño Josele with the glorious "Zawiya".

For more unexpected ingredients we head for "Red Skies" from Omar Faruk Tebilek's One Truth album where Adam del Monte mans the guitar.

Showing an inspired meet of Flamenco and Pat Metheny is Santiago Lara with "James" from his Tribute to Pat Metheny album.

Mining Turkey's "Bir Ömürlük Misafir" with string orchestra is Tomatito on his Paseo de los castaños album.

Another respectful nod at Pat Metheny comes from Vicente Amigo's Vivencias Imaginadas album with "Querido Metheny".

Now Juan Carmona asks "So" on his Perla de Oriente album.

Then comes Josemi Carmona in a minimalist mood with "Dos Puñales" from his La Pequeñas Cosas album.

Turning up the tension is José Antonio Rodríguez with his "Danza del Amanecer" from Anartista.

Digging deep in to the fusion bag again is Antonio El Titi with "Como Fusion" from his Disfruto Flamenco album.

For some Pop gloss, enter Hans Zimmer's "Mission Impossible 2" done up by John Amir Haddad and full orchestra.

We close out with the outrageous stylistic journey which Gerardo Núñez takes us on with the title track of his Travesía album.

And now time's up.