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Musical waves N°1

With millions of music tracks at our beck 'n' call, off the cloud like sweet rain on demand, here are a few I recently enjoyed. Perhaps they'll send you along a previously unexplored path. Today's selection starts off with Turkey's famous Taksim Trio who have three fabulous album out. Aytac Dogan plays the Oriental lap harp called qanun, Hüsnü Senlendirici the G clarinet, Ismail Tuncbilek the electrified baglama.

Next we visit a courtyard in Córdoba to hear Vicente Amigo perform a solo Flamenco bulerías. No wonder cognoscenti consider him the successor of Paco de Lucía.

From here we attend the Morgenland Festival in Osnabrück on a free ticket to hear the celebrated Azeri singer Alim Qasimov move into "A trace of grace" with Michael Godard on looped bass and the tuba predecessor called serpent.

Then we return to Vicente Amigo and some of contemporary Flamenco's finest singers as they take us through his stunning "Requiem" for the legend, Paco de Lucía. There are YouTube live videos of this piece but the sonics of the commercial release are a lot better. And this track deserves the best.

To perhaps show that not all symphonic music traverses familiar repertoire, we next visit Munich's string and percussion ensemble with this evocative "Storm".

This segues into a lengthy fully improvised Estas Tonne guitar meditation.

From here we observe Turkish composer/pianist front the Frankfurt Radio Symphony with his evocative "Black Earth" piece.

Finding myself in a sudden "Clair obscur" mood, I remembered Khalil Chahine's glorious take. You might enjoy it too.

To spice up the mood before you and I fall asleep, let's invoke some Latin cheek mashing up salsa with Flamenco. We say to heck with better sound quality for some actual club vibe.

Of course what's good for the guys is better for the girls, especially with endless hair like Aymee Nuviola, so…

But El Cigala has it too so it was only fair to return to him with a formal rumba production.

Piling on trite air-brushed visuals to get to one of the best contemporary voices on the planet, here is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – not with a qawwali number but simple love song.

To follow up with less visual Bollywood sugar, how about this gorgeous ghazal?

And now today's broadcast time is out…