Popping the thick hood revealed unusual parts density to explain the unexpected weight of this machine.

The first thing to strike the eye would surely be the shiny black 'helipad' for the discs. It's supported on three massive rubberized pillars for effective decoupling from what the AQWO sits on.

The next thing to say hello were two small valves surrounded by Métronome-branded boxy white caps and two tiny transformers; and stout filter capacitance across the aisle with heat-sinked voltage regulators and two small fully encapsulated blue toroidal transformers.

Turning things sideways revealed four more  blue power transformers hidden beneath the top layer's power supply section for a total of six; and a 115/230V voltage switch to make for global happiness without rewiring.

Here's a closer look at the tube buffer's triodes and adjacent D/A converter board.

An AQWO buyer clearly doesn't pay for a mostly empty box. Au contraire.