Fit as a fiddle. What if you play the cello? Saying aside, factory contact Christopher's wording was suggestive. He'd not said music:book Combo but Source II. It's a device sans speaker sockets. Yet he called it a complete system. All necessary gain now resides inside the Groove. It also means an active high pass to liberate the Alpair's voice coil from ever seeing out-of-band signal. Lower thermal stress equals lower Ω. That means less dynamic compression when the wicked get going. Fit as a fiddle. With our widebander reaching 10kHz, any reduction in excursion and related distortion benefits its total bandwidth. An active mirror-imaged filter transition then guarantees phase coherence and linear response summing without reactive parts between amp and voice coil. With Lindemann's power amps class D nCore used as current buffer for a proprietary input stage, each Groove packs the same tech. Building plate amps into a sub rather than a classy metal chassis as below saves costs and cable clutter. Fit as a bass fiddle then?

The absence of AES/EBU and BNC is right on trend. The absence of HDMI ARC could be less so.

Jill & Joe Simpletone who entrust their hifi to a professional systems engineer could reap far higher returns on their lesser spend because they leave naught to an amateur's chance of mix 'n' match. Their engineer prioritizes the fixing of big things to not chase fussy phantoms. Certainly he must have experience with fussiness to know the difference. Anyone can for example splatter paint on a canvas and call it art. When a Picasso does it who started out as a legitimate draftsman thus practiced reductionism after having mastered perspective, proportion, pigment and fine detail, it's different.

It's why the previous page touched upon prior upscale Lindemann efforts. It's where Norbert paid his dues. Simplifying his 2024 approach carries subtext. A true master does more with far less after 30 years of experience. In Source II guise, integration smarts combine wired/WLAN 24-bit data support up to 768kHz, Android/iOS app, DSD256 resampling, 16-200Ω class A 6.3mm headfi with 0/12dB gain, an optional CD slot drive, multi-room mode, network-free Bluetooth, gapless, MM phono, IR remote, twin AK4493 conversion with AK4137 sample-rate converter, analog volume and ±6dB balance plus a sub 10µV Meanwell switching power supply in a svelte low-rider chassis with horizontal wheel control.

Lindemann's functionality satellites orbiting the sun of the music:book Source II make the point. The average user with active speakers won't need more than add a live router or Bluetooth smartphone. With the Move/Groove combo being active, that's us. Whilst I've played the other game of separates because it affords me endless ops to review isolated stations within its chain, I can easily concede the opposite. Well-conceived minimalism such as I might pursue upon retirement can take us just as far. Then simplicity lives its very own Zen. Declutter. Tread lightly. Laugh all the way to the bank. Get a life beyond hifi. With their simple kit, Lindemann are clearly on board with that.