Summary. I'm aware that spending coin on several wooden pucks to improve sonics might seem silly, scary or borderline crazy. If you view such products as pure snake oil, rest assured that I've been there and done that to understand you. However, after several adventures with various decoupling solutions, I beg to differ and today's LessLoss Bindbreaker became another reminder that this approach works. These anti-vibration accessories of courser are neither of key importance nor do they pretend to fit this description in the first place. On the priority list they sit below main components, room acoustics, power delivery, cables and a proper equipment rack. However, if all that's sorted and the desire to upgrade remains without readiness to spend heavy or part way with anything already owned, It's time to investigate more effective footers. Now such an expense makes sense and will quite possibly be justified.

Even though the LessLoss Bindbreaker applies subtle finishing touches more than anything else, those touches were audible and free from trade-offs to become a penalty-free upgrade path. With this in mind and judged against my system's total value, today's score on the price-to-performance index was actually generous. I'd have a hard time spending the same coin elsewhere to net similar results!