Connected to a DAC over USB, the Innuos Statement acts as server/streamer with LMS controlled by iPeng 9/OrangeSqueeze apps on iOS/Android respectively. It'll also work as a UPnP server for any compliant streamer best connected to its reclocked 'streamer out' Ethernet port rather than router or switch. Then there's the option to set it up as a Roon Core or Bridge connected to a different brain; or the full Core/Bridge package. The Statement doesn't render UPnP but integrates Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Spotify Connect, BBC iPLayer Radio, Radio Paradise and TuneIn Radio directories. It can work without access to the web but with it, the Innuos techs can remotely access, troubleshoot and potentially rescue a software failure from their HQ in Portugal. Although my own network needs remain limited, I was surprised by how fast, responsive and stable my loaner was and how easy and intuitive to operate. It provided the same optimized user experience as its sibling did several months ago.

For my test sessions, either Statement or fidata HFAS1-S10U handled storage/transport duties, then a LampizatOr Pacific DAC passed signal to a Trilogy 915R/995R pre/power set which by Boenicke Audio S3 speaker cable connected to either sound|kaos Vox 3afw monitors or Boenicke W11 SE+ floorstanders. Interconnects were Boenicke IC3 CG and XLRs I DIY'd. All main hardware powered from Boenicke's Power Gate distributor with its three captive M2 cords and two LessLoss C-Marc. The USB chain included the full iFi audio stack of micro iUSB3.0, nano iGalvanic3.0, three Mercury3.0 USB cables plus one 9V iPower. One set of LessLoss Firewall complemented either speaker set while a Fidelizer EtherStream did its thing between my Linksys WRT160N router and fidata server. A GigaWatt PC-3 SE EVO+ power conditioner fronted by its own LC-3 EVO cable fed the wall warts of the reclocker, router and network switch.

Before going further, I encourage you to revisit the Innuos ZENith Mk3 as most of its sonic descriptions also apply today. Although the Statement allows for multiple usage scenarios, most buyers will get it as an all-in-one network machine like I did with my HFAS1-S10U. That's why instead of turning one device into an audiophile NAS for the other, it made more sense to load the same music onto their respective SSD and compare them as two standalone platforms. So my work narrowed down to switching between them as often as was necessary to get a proper fix. I didn't rely on any streaming services so copied some music from my fidata storage to the Statement. The iPeng 9/Lumin control software didn't influence these proceedings. These apps only create a smartphone/tablet GUI. They don't partake in audio data exchanges and thus have no impact on sonics. At least I haven't heard any sound quality shifts yet between several control apps I've tried on my fidata. During the latter's fight with the ZENith Mk3, a USB and Ethernet cable had to reconnect with each hardware change. Now Fidelizer's EtherStream network switch simplified the process. Innuos and fidata connected constantly to it via identical generic CAT5 and one quick USB cable swap did the entire business. At first iFi's USB chain was in standby so I could map how both transports fared without external enhancers.

Our rare 'Victor' award at the end of the fidata HFAS1-S10U review was no coincidence. The Japanese game changer had outperformed my Asus laptop on every count such that I subsequently acquired it. This reset my grasp on the importance of digital data treatment prior to our DAC's processing of it. The latter works on music sent to it by various digital transports. That makes those just as influential as any other component. Here the HFAS1-S10U pre-conditions my digital signal such that I end up with a very 'analog' sound which I'd previously believed impossible from digital sources: texturally rich, saturated and calm, geared for sensuality, vividness, charm and a generous organic aroma. This tuning keeps imperfections at bay rather than magnifies them. It doesn't pursue ultimate resolution, speed or balance. Its personality is expressive and big on tone so very enjoyable but in the grand scheme admittedly colored.