Brooklyn DNA. From Dirk Sommer's German review, we learn that the Mytek Brooklyn DAC "surrounded instruments with marginally less air and recorded venue felt a bit smaller. Erco acted somewhat more fluid and involving. Music took center stage and banished any worries about technology just as the Oor had done before it. Mytek's precise more austere gestalt instead recalled SPL's professional Phonitor." From this brief mention we take away that someone who has compared them side by side found Erco's digital circuit to represent a small advance over the team's earlier Brooklyn for Mytek.

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Under the cover we see plenty of surface-mounted robotically populated parts plus some bigger familiar ones.

The external power adapter is a Mean Well GST60A24-P1M so a 24V/2.5A max 60W unit. Having Hypsos on hand, I decided to work my way down not up. That meant starting on the poshest foot whilst going after a fully bespoke fit. With an allowable 22-30V window pre-coded for Oor, I settled on 22V to output higher current than voltage. The inverse makes the sound heavier and darker. I favor speed, attack and lucidity.

With a Sonnet Pasithea crunching AES/EBU numbers incoming from a super-cap'd Soundaware D300Ref as iMac USB bridge via Audirvana 3+, the digital foot was just as posh. What's more, Erco's high gain proved sufficient to launch HifiMan's Susvara into my personal SPL orbit without maxing out. This beastly load thus was my starting point. Though it has XLR inputs unlike Erco, Oor stood by equally tapped via RCA to eliminate a cable variable. A Chris Sommovigo Tombo Trøn reference coaxial cable between D300Ref and Erco stood by separately to compare ferrum's converter to our Dutch. A turn of input selector made the switch whilst changing LED color from yellow/analog to orange/coax.

Turning my iMac on its lazy Susan then moving my chair from its usual speaker-facing position was all it took to get into comfy Erco headfi business. Our usual headamp in this system is Kinki's discrete number with lateral Exicon Mosfet outputs. Louise Brown's Gentleman Stag looked on pointedly as is his orange-suited want. Brother Randolph across the room rocks a purple coat instead. Interior colors offset the rainy periods of Ireland's big outdoors. Listener psychology and all that impacts it is a big part of satisfying sessions. Cater to all your senses in ways that make you feel cozy and well served and that holistic approach can't fail to flow into a happier hifi engagement.