For more pictorial evidence of his work, we move from trade show…

Kepler at work beneath Vitus Audio in room A4.2 E208 of the 2022 HighEnd Munich show.

… to home office during a day of crossover parts trimming and matching.

Piotr also sweats his custom speaker terminals designed for directionality.

The workshop of Divine Acoustics clearly isn't your average garage startup. If the devil is in the details, just what are they up to in these higher heavens?

The answer is visible in his Bellatrix backpack filter—it houses in its own spy-glass case off the speaker's back—and…

…. his mechanical suspension pod for the Bellatrix tweeter. Watchful viewers will spot more red corundum stones in action.  Above right, the Bellatrix plinth with Keplers and central opening for the down-firing port.

The same obsessive concern for precise execution pools into today's isolation footers. So let's crack into my parcel from Ozimek, a township of ~9'000 which on the Polish map sits in the center of a triangle defined by the cities of Wroclaw, Czestochowa and Katowice. More rural origins and boutique production must factor into Divine's attractive pricing which can sell a 2.5m pair of gold-plated Copernicus speaker cable with elite Furutech terminations for €2'000 as long as costs of raw materials don't increase further. On stalled Bellatrix production, Piotr confirmed by late May that Eton had finally shipped at least half of his long-overdue order so he could finish up standing orders.

On this pervasive subject of ongoing parts shortages and price increases, I wrote another recent editorial. I suggest you read it. "Get it while you can" is the short of it. Piotr's 1-week shipment came via DHL so through Warsaw and Opole in Poland before hitting Athlone/Ireland via Oirschot in the Netherlands.