Although Mini slammed like mad and was sensationally elastic regardless of music type, bass wasn't the focal point just correct support. It could rapidly morph from untamed wildling to suave creature charming with its sensuality. It knew exactly when, how and in what proportions to blend boldness, agility and speed. It simply never crossed into feeling blunt, crude, trying or pushy. Just as Nenuphar had before it, Mini struck me as very civilized, tasteful, elegantly mature and non-flashy.

Due to its inherent speed, directness and insight, Mini didn't dilute or veil so its aural landscapes were admirably coherent, multi-layered, accurate and majestic. Its shout-free aspiration and willingness to scale up with power made for sensible effortlessness, propulsion and ability to move air. That expanded dynamic contrasts. Mini thrived on complex musical challenges and never acted constricted, compressed or overwhelmed. Given its reasonable frame and overall performance, this versatile 8-incher worked marvelously well in my room. I couldn't find a single task it wasn't equal to. It's still worth noting though that this purist widebander excels at intimate, sonorous and explicit renders of instruments and voices. This specific quality typical for the breed still is its best asset and quite intoxicating. If you don't fancy that aroma, that's perfectly fine of course.

For me, Cube Audio's Nenuphar had effectively raised the bar for pretty much any other speaker that followed. It remains one of the finest I've come across regardless of price or type. Now Grzegorz and Marek seem to have mastered the Fine Art of trickle-down. Nenuphar Mini is very much alike. At first glance Mini might seem too steeply priced given its plain dress and conceptual simplicity. It just needs no extra complexity to get the job done. Its easy conformity to the room, compact frame and stout sonics spell extensive R&D and ingenuity which the final tab must cover. Assembly on Polish soil, in-house machining, proprietary drivers and a regular distribution network also factor into this equation. Today's elegantly simple marvel works fabulously without any auxiliary means and is enjoyably accessible. It should please audiences far wider than the few die-hard enthusiasts of purist widebanders. These two assets alone are worth a lot.

Previous Cube Audio models proved just how domesticated, free from typical limitations and spectacularly performing their specialist kind can be. Today's Nenuphar Mini is no less bonkers. Had it arrived before Nenuphar, it would have received our red award instead.

That's how good it is!