Uuh. Aah. Pillow talk under the sheets. For the full spider action, I removed the plexi plate over the BB converter chips. Use the mouse loupe function to enlarge. This is the left half of the opened chassis.

Here is the fenced-off right half. Aside from the power supply, it shows the optional streaming module.

This is not one of those half-empty class D amplifiers in outsized chassis even without the still missing phono module. This stocking is quite stuffed regardless. Substance shoppers will be satisfied. Lid back on. Three small screws later, done. Happy days?

Virtually instantly. My Pál Nagy custom autoformer passive preamp includes a 40Hz/4th-order hi/low-pass filter to segregate sound|kaos Vox 3awf monitors and Dynaudio 2×9.5" sub. So I set the v2 to 0.00 volume. As soon as my Soundaware D100Pro SD card transport fired up, the little musical note for signal lock appeared in the COS window. I had sound so off I walked with the transport set to cycle endlessly through a 200-track playlist. Things would stew on their own for a bit.

In use, night owls and others who work best in the dark could prefer if the four display brightness options included off. Even at its dimmest above, it's still quite bright when other light sources are off. Perhaps COS can rewrite firmware to add display off except for its decimal point? Then they could leave that dot lit also for standby. Display off would revert to on for a few seconds whenever the user changed a parameter by remote or knob. As is, display off equals standby, display on means power up with various degrees of brightness. I prefer minimalist visual indicators. I always disable displays when that's an option. Not having it here is my only functional nit. Now it was tussle time against the Denafrips Terminator Plus, first in standard mode then with added clock sync over the transport.