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Deep Breath Duetto Edition

Reviewer: Joël Chevassus
Source: Esoteric K-03, Lumin X1, Apple iMac Retina 5K 27", Apple MacBook, Audiomat Maestro 3 Reference, Lumin U1, Metronome Technologie DSc1 [on loan], Denafrips Terminator [on loan]
Amps/preamps: Coincident Technology Statement Line preamplifier Mk2, Luxman M-800a x 2 (bridged), Red Dragon S500 x 2, SPEC Corporation RPA-W3 EX x 2, SPEC Corporation H-VC5, Lumin M1
Loudspeakers: Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit, Leedh E2 Glass, Elipson Planet L, Lawrence Audio Harp
Cables: Skywire Audio 2020 digital cable, Naturelle Audio interconnects Live 8 MK2, Grimm Audio TPM interconnects, Phi Audio speaker and interconnects cables, ZenWave Audio D4 XLR interconnects, Esprit Lumina digital cables loom (USB + S/PDIF), Aqvox Ethernet cable, Meicord Ethernet cables
Power cords and accessories: DIY, Triode Wire Labs 10+, Aqvox SE switch, Clones Audio SG110D-08 Switch, Waversa SmartHub, HDPLEX 200W, ZeroZone LPS x 2, Uptone Audio LPS 1.2, Paul Hynes SR4-12 & SR4-19 [on loan]
Stands & room: Music Tools Alicia furniture, DAAD 4 bass traps, Microsorber room insulation, PYT panels
Review component retail price: €3'750/pr in Italy (incl. VAT)

Acoustic Italian haute couture. That's what today's Italian company claim to be. In their country there are so many fashion houses that every product tends to be considered 'opera d'arte'. I have worked long enough over there to appreciate what Care Orchestra mean by such fancy words. They see themselves as acoustic tailors for interior design connoisseurs and music lovers. For some background, Care Orchestra launched in 2013 near Milan and is managed by two partners and engineers, Alessandro Reggiori and Cristian Cammarata. The name includes an acronym of the initials of their two surnames. The scope of the firm is rather extensive as they not only market loudspeakers but offer a wide range of services like interior design, furniture design with audio functionality, acoustic optimization, audio equipment rental and organisation of special events and shows. They even market and design their own electronics.

One could ask who in their house has the specific skills for advanced speaker design given such a diversified portfolio. Do they employ dedicated subcontractors or design their entire product range internally? That became my first question to Cristian Cammarata. As I learnt, of their nine-strong staff, four are directly involved in loudspeaker design. Cristian oversees any electroacoustic project with the support of the Care Orchestra laboratory while Alessandro develops the industrial design and construction with their technical department. Their team is fluent in electroacoustic designs and installations, mechanics, production, R&D, prototyping & lab testing, marketing and customer support. Their products are said to be made in Milan in collaboration with various local artisans and subcontractors who can offer a wide choice of aesthetic variations or finishes for any given model.

The main goal of Care Orchestra is to promote local businesses, high-quality standards and builds, full customization of materials and finishes and possibly also the highest sound quality. Their main customers aren't exclusively from the typical audiophile sphere but also BTB clients like architects and design studios, fashion and luxury outlets. Their Deep Breath Duetto is a biwired bass-reflex 2-way on a stand. Its 15-litre enclosure of expanded polyurethane aims at a very low level of internal resonances. The shape is slightly asymmetrical and my loaners were partly covered in black leather but many alternative skins and all RAL colors are at your finger tips. The base price includes your choice of lacquer and leather. For an added €1'040, choices expand to fabrics, sandstone, pony skin, briar wood and more. For full-on marble, the price can hit five digits.

Hand-crafted artisanal manufacture can unfortunately lead to small cosmetic defects like imperfect bonding or imprecise cuts. Presumably my demo pair wasn't on par with standard production but as a reviewer writing to a global public, I would have expected better QC or an upfront explanation that my samples would be B stock.