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Reviewer: Srajan Ebaen
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Q grips. Had I heard of them my wife asked? I had not. Unlike Q tips which "push ear wax in", they were purported to "pull it out". Not having tried them, I remain skeptical.

I can't say the same about C-Lock even though current unavailability of UK terminations prevents me from personally trying it. The following video would seem to leave little wiggle room to cheat.

The problem Czech hifi house Block Audio address here is near universal. The overbuilt power cords us audiophiles love to strap onto our wall outlets are often too heavy to seat firmly. So the contacts are wobbly, at worst prone to disengage. Frankly, I'd care not whether this solution sounded better even though it probably does. I'd be perfectly happy if my primary connection to the power grid was mechanically true for a change, not some form of Mickey Mouse. Why bother with pricey cords and everything else that happens upstream if the very first step is a joke?

With only US and Schuko versions on the current Block, I'm in no position to verify that C-Lock works as claimed. I'd just be very surprised if it didn't. With the simplest version for ordinary power cords starting at $49, it's not very risky to try on blind faith alone. If any reader feels so inclined and reports back, I'll publish their finding in lieu of my own.

Et voilà – shortest (re)view, ever.