What's the diff between a rock and a stone? A rock-solid person is the epitome of reliable. If a guy's a stone, he's not quite human. He feels nothing. Colloquialisms assign disparate human traits to the exact same thing. With aesthetics, we play the same game. What's acceptable even attractive to one person bothers another or fails altogether. Some will look at a row of Fog Lifters to see a colony of shaved Martian tarantula who landed on the wrong planet. Return whence ye came, arachnids! Others will ask about their sonic benefits to see right through them. I don't believe anyone would call them pretty. Plain utalitarianism is the most likely consensus.

In my man cave, the tarantula could stay. .

For a longer sonic description, read my Furutech review. The short form is that cables on the floor equal floor-bound sound: heavier, thicker, slower, lazier. Lifted cables equal airier sound: quicker, leaner, more separated and energetic. Minor time delay which masqueraded as mass/warmth evaporates. There's more light and resolution. That also means a bit less density. Remember how happier cables make less sticky sound? Less stickum means less (faux!) density.

Personally I side with the accelerator function. I hear it as the prime communicator of musical tension, emotional energy and general liveliness. So I made the right purchase. Call it a 2% system win for unusually little coin in the high-end games.

Who ya gonna call? Fog Lifters!

Postscript: To be properly patriotic—usually impossible to do when Ireland has no domestic hifi manufacture—I should also give a shout-out to Belfast's Titan Audio. As I subsequently learnt, they offer this pack of 4 acrylic cable lifers for just £35.