Ongoing equipment reviews by date of publication year 2005
December 2005
In Vinylo Veritas: Analog Accessories
Boston Audio Design Mat 1
Stefan AudioArt Hard-wired AKG K-1000
Road Tour Exit 3 with Michael Lavorgna
Dared VP-16
Zero One Audio Ti48
Vivaldi Audio Academy
Zu Cable Definition Pro Intro
Opera Audio Consonance Reference 2.2 Linear
PS Audio Power Accessories
Personal Best of 2005: Steve Marsh
Ciao Audio Speaker Cables
Blue Circle NSCS
Metronome Technologie Kalista
McIntosh MS300 Music Server
JAS Orior
Audio Magic XStream Speaker Cable
clearaudio Analog System
Red Wine Audio, Omega Loudspeakers and more
Bard Audio by Sonneteer
November 2005
Ars Aures Midi Sensorial
David Kan's Bio
Reality Check 3 with Sezai Saktanber of SilverFi
FirstWatt F3
Reality Check 2 with John Kalinowski
Personal Best of 2005: John Potis
Personal Best of 2005: Paul Candy
Personal Best of 2005: Michael Lavorgna
Underwood Hifi/Unison Research Unico SE Level-2
Hyperion Sound HT-88s
Nuforce Reference 9
Personal Best of 2005: Ken Micallef
Almarro M2A & A50125A
Music First Audio Passive Magnetic
Bocchino Audio Morning Glory
Personal Best of 2005: Jeff Day
Personal Best of 2005: Srajan Ebaen
October 2005
Gallo Acoustics AV Reference
RoadTour with Michael Lavorgna: Exit 2
Fi WE 421A
Slappa 600 Pro HardBody
Wavelength Audio Brick: An introduction & historical content
Cerious Technologies: A Complete Wire Harness
47Labs McBee cartridge & Shigaraki Phono
Audio Magic Stealth XXX
Stealth Audio Cables Sextet
Reality Check 1: Terry Aben's 'Aleph H' headphone amp
Consonace by Opera Audio: A complete affordable system
RoadTour with Michael Lavorgna: Exit 1
September 2005
Cerious, Stealth & Zu
Sonic Impact Son of T-Amp
Zu Cable Druid Mk4 2nd Opinion
Tonian Labs TL-R1
Nanotech NESPA #1
The Horn Shoppe: The Horn
Thiel PowerPoint 1.2
Cornu Compact Spiral Horn
Kharma Ceramique Sub
Western Reserve Audio Design WRAD 300
FAB Audio Model 1
Gingko Audio Tubulous One
Lector CDP 0.6T
Yamamoto A-08S
47Labs OTA Cable Kit
Dared VP-845
August 2005
FI 45 Stereo 'Prototype'
47Labs Model 4706 Gaincard
Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval
PS Audio P1000
Grand Prix Audio Monaco
Decware SE84 CSP
NuForce Reference 8
Hadcock GH 228 Export
AudioZone PRE-T1
Leben CS-300x
Canary Audio CA-308
DeHavilland UltraVerve Junior
KR Audio KR300B
DeHavilland Ios
Eastern Electric MiniMax Phono
A Primer on MC Step-Up Transformers
Tom Evans Audio Design Linear A
BPT Pure Power Center
Analysis Audio Epsilon
Ars Aures Mini Sensorial
Zu Cable Definition Mk1.5
July 2005
HeadAmp GS-1
darTZeel NHB-108 Model One
The Cartridge Man Music Maker III
PrimaLuna ProLogue 3 & 5
Consonance Audio Droplet CDP-5.0
FirstWatt F2
Fi Yph
Gallo Acoustics Micro/A'Diva Ti & TR1/TR2
AudioTropic Mœbius
Audience adeptResponse
Audiosector Patek
Zu Cable Method
Golden Sound Ultra Tweeter
muRata ES103A
June 2005
Beyerdynamic DT880
Benchmark Media / Reflection Audio DAC-1 Mod
Decware Audio Zen Taboo
RedWine Audio Clari-T and Custom FollowUp
CIAudio VHP-1 & VAC-1
Rogue Audio M150
Cables by Crystal, Q & Stereovox
Apple iPod
Tonian Acoustics TL-NFSM
ModWright SWL 9.0SE
Firestone & Blueberry Audio headphone amps
Omega TS-33 FollowUp
May 2005
Garrard Project Part 2: The Plinth
Red Wine Audio Clari-T & Custom Clari-T
Gill Audio Alana
EquaRack Model-A
Acapella LaCampanella
Usher CP-6381
Ray Samuels Audio Raptor
The HiPod Concept: iPod, Avantgarde Solo, Crystal Cable
Crystal Cable Micro
Manley Labs SkipJack
Quantum Symphony Pro
Red Rock Audio Renaissance
Tonian Acoustics TL-R2 super tweeter
BrightStar Audio IsoRock 3 Reference
Dedicated Audio Cable Tower 2nd opinion
IsoClean audio-grade fuses
April 2005
Zu Cable Druid Mk4
Green Mountain Audio Callisto
JJAZ ICEpower amps
H2O Audio M250
TBI Magetic Diamon/Magellan VIP su
DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 7.1
Q Tao
ACI Sapphire XL
Gallo Ref3/SA
Onix SP3/Ref1MkII
Auditorium 23: History, Speaker Cable and Step-Up Transformer
BVaudio SR-10
Living Voice Auditorium
PHY-HP Wire Harness
Eighth Nerve Room Treatments
Vinyl by Graham Slee, Nagaoka & Pro-Ject
March 2005
Cain & Cain Abby/Bailey
Walker Audio Velocitor S
Tron Syren
Luminous Audio Synchestra
Eastern Electric M520
Passive Power Bars by Chikuma, Gryphon & Orb
JJAZ ICEpower amps
Stello by April Music System
Juicy Music Blueberry
Dedicated Audio Cable Towers
Quantum Symphony Pro
Bel Canto Design PLayer PL-1A
PHY RCA interconnect
Tube Research Labs Sony SCD-CE 595
Duevel Jupiter
Feburary 2005
KAB Speed Strobe
Starsound Technologies Caravelle
CIAudio VHP-1
Luminous Audio Synchestra
Hyperion HPS-938 2nd opinion
Goldring GR-1
Innowatt W35
Meet new writer Kari Nevalainen
Krell Resolution 3
Origin Live Silver
Magico Mini
January 2005
Audio Aero Prima DAC
Overkill Audio Encore
Shanling T100C
Audio Zone DAC Follow-Up
Fisher Vintage Receivers
Audio Magic Stealth XXX
Supratek Sauvignon
Ohm 4.5.2. upgrade to Ohm Walsh Model 4
Superscope PSD-300
Benchmark Media DAC-1