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Lesser fyneries? – Fyne Audio don't think so for their new F501SP [£2'800/pr] whose suffix abbreviates Special Production. "SP models distill some of our best components and engineering into models tuned by technical director Paul Mills and handcrafted in our growing Glasgow factory. The concept allows audiophiles to benefit from high-end technology and UK build without the expense of the complex cabinets in our higher-end models." On top sits a 6" IsoFlare dual-concentric with 25mm magnesium-dome compression tweeter in its throat. This is augmented by a 6" dedicated woofer for 180w power handling and 91dB sensitivity. "The standard F501 uses our twin chamber bass port system with downfire port in the lower chamber plus single-layer MDF plinth. The F501SP uses the F700 range aluminium sandwich plinth and machined spacer, spike and knurled locking hardware." The crossover includes ClarityCap capacitors and low-loss laminated core inductors. The SP is available in high-gloss black/white standard or surcharge gloss walnut veneer.

There be gold on them thar chassis – Hello Gryphon Antileon 25th Anniversary Edition so logically limited to just 25 stereo units and 25 mono pairs. "Each set includes a reproduction of the original Antileon EVO artwork and special owner's manual with a historical introduction to every Antileon generation written by Gryphon founder Flemming E. Rasmussen. Gryphon Antileon Anniversary is dedicated to the memory of Flemming's good friend and Australian distributor of 33 years, Josef Riediger, who regrettably passed away in October of this year. An aluminium frame surrounds the display engraved with 'Antileon EVO Anniversary' and the serial number, for instance Serial N° 1/25. On the amplifier top, a golden Gryphon figure recesses into the massive transformer cover."

Get thee in line before they're gone. Should you demur that a 25th anniversary ought to be a silver accent, ask yourself whether it'd look as good as a gold Gryphon. Why wait another 25 years for the 'official' gold to arrive?

Don't phone in your phono – unless it's with ProJect's newest which offers RCA/XLR i/o in the back and comprehensive adjustments upfront. Hello Phono Box R2S [€1'499]. As the catalogue's new flagship, it supports MM/MC cartridges, does passive RIAA/Decca compensation, fully discrete circuitry, continuously variable Ω, selectable capacitance across eight values and variable voltage gain from 40-70dB. A ±2dB balance control helps offset slightly skewed recordings. To keep noise at bay, a full-size linear external PSU upgrade is coming already. The Phono Box comes in black or silver and its circuitry is fully balanced. Drop that needle.

Six is the lucky number – That's not just moons but the new Cyrus XR Series with six new models which introduce refreshed industrial styling for the die-cast chassis. Internally the chase for extreme noise attenuation has completely overhauled earlier power supply, voltage regulation and other parts. On the integrated front fall the i9-XR [€3'995] and i7-XR [€2'495] at 91/52wpc into 6Ω respectively for medium power. Both bundle 4 analog inputs plus MM phono, then 2/ea. optical/coax and USB. There are also fixed/variable pre-outs and a rear-mounted headphone socket. The built-in DAC has user-selectable filters. The Pre-XR [€4'495] is the companion pre/DAC with new toroidal power transformer and premium storage caps. An uprated gen2 QXR DAC sections supports 32/768 PCM and native DSD512, an MM phono module is standard. The input socketry thus matches the two integrated amplifiers. The CDt-XP [€2'195] and CDi-XR [€2'495] are the companion disc transport and player with new reclocker circuit, filters and Cyrus Servo-Evolution mechanics. The player's DAC is naturally optimized for Redbook playback, the transport offers coaxial and optical outputs so no AES/EBU, BNC or I²S. Finally there's the PSU-XR [price TBA] as an outboard power supply with intelligent micro-processor management.

Super clone – Moonriver Audio's 50wpc Model 404 integrated was already a rare form of full-function 'gain clone' by which the colloquial term means having op-amp based outputs like the original 47labs Gaincard. With the new Reference [€4'995], cosmetics, power specs and features remain virtually unchanged but the power supplies scale up and capacitance doubles. "The dynamic character of the amplifier digs out more detail and low-level information; the soundstage is much deeper and articulate; the space between instruments is vast while the bass has greater authority and is more confident than ever before. The texture of each individual instrument is exposed exponentially in comparison with the Standard version. The Moonriver 404 Reference can drive most speakers in the market to significant levels. WBT nextgen speaker terminals ensure the massive flow of current from the amplifier’s output stage to the speakers."

Ridthaler – From the inventor of the RiPol bass loading comes this active subwoofer crossover [€1'550]. It's a dual-mono purely analog device with 41 corner frequencies for its hi/low pass. Those filters operate between 50-250Hz on a 4th-order 24dB/octave slope and add a subsonic option. That may be combined with an infrasonic EQ that itself is ±6dB adjustable in 1Hz steps between 1-40Hz. There's selectable RiPol correction as a notch filter to combat chamber resonances and the entire circuity can run fully symmetrical via the mono XLR input. Over RCA the device can feed two subs. The high-pass operates at unity gain, the central pot controls the sub's relative volume. A 24VDC power supply is external. The crossover box measures 22x7x29cm WxHxD and weighs 1.9kg. RMS list as co-developer for its circuitry and this precision active analog filter obviously isn't limited to RiPol/dipole subs but may be used with subwoofers of any type and stripe.

Have color, need speaker – Germany's Nubert propose their unusual nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv [€11'502/pr] available in all the 213 colors of the classic RAL palette plus four metallic lacquers. The speaker itself is a bipole 3-way with bass reflex and consists of 4 x 26mm fabric-dome tweeters, 2 x 150mm mids and 2 x 285mm woofers. Despite these eight drivers, efficiency is a low 83.5dB but power handling claims half a kilowatt to compensate. Paint your world to suit and turn up the volume?

Trennen Sie friedlich – Trenner & Friedl's new Pharoah [€10'000/pr] peacefully separates itself from the precursor with overhauled cosmetics of the Birch ply enclosure where a 10" paper woofer impregnated with violin lacquer hosts a 1" compression tweeter in its throat. The crossover contains Mundorf parts. Claimed bandwidth is 35Hz – 20kHz, 2.83V/1m sensitivity is 94dB and weight 36.5kg.

Upgrade your PC – JCat's new Net Card XE [€800] uprates your computer's soundcard with "its extremely precise ±5ppb OCXO and state-of-the-art power supply section. The card also offers an external PSU option to completely eliminate the computer as a source of noise when paired with our Optimo 3 Duo."

Flag a ship – And there she went, exaSound's new s88 flagship streaming DAC. "Featuring a reference-grade 32-bit D/A converter, Roon-Ready streamer and headphone amplifier in a stylish full-size monolithic enclosure, the s88 excels at ergonomic simplicity and sonic perfection. It's a multi-level device offering easy-to-use but advanced configurations to work as a multichannel DAC with up to 8 channels of DSD256; as a stereo DAC with support for DSD512. The eight discrete DAC channels can be configured for use with a stereo four-way digital crossover for horn and open-baffle speakers. Autonomous balanced and unbalanced outputs can be used simultaneously with two sets of power amplifiers. In addition to Roon, s88 supports Signalyst HQPlayer, UPnP, AirPlay, Tidal and Qobuz."

180° AMT super tweeter – In the newcomer's exhibit at Munich 2019 if memory serves, Arya Audio Labs showed a 360° air-motion transformer-based driver called the AirBlade. With 180° dispersion, now that's become available as an add-on super tweeter of fabulous flexibility. There's adjustable sensitivity from 83dB to 95dB in 3dB steps. There's also an adjustable 1st-order high pass at 1'000, 1'600, 2'400 or 3'500Hz with a linear 4Ω impedance. Each Hype super tweeter with its 34 neodymium magnets weighs a solid 4kg and measures 14x24cm WxD and 10cm tall. Its AirBlade diaphragm exceeds the surface area of a 1-inch tweeter by 37 times to be far more dynamic. Its dispersion also doesn't narrow with frequency due to its geometry. Just looking at it and considering the involved tech, it has to be costly. We currently simply don't know how costly…

When a picture sez it all – This Innuos promotion is valid from November 23rd to December 23rd and timed not just for the holidays but also because new lock-down restrictions have many more people spend much more time confined at home.

Jack of all C – That's the Chord Company's new C-jack mini-jack cable [£40/0.75m] hoping to "bring audiophile quality to everyday devices, affordably". The 3.5mm stereo plug is looking at phones, tablets, laptops and portable players, the company's Aray conductor tech at the firm's £2'100 Sarum T flagship interconnect. Standard lengths are 0.75/1/3m.

Dog days – Block Audio's new power distributor called Dog Block [$3'450] rings them in. It's fitted with the company's unique C-Lock® collars to make a non-slip connection between power cords and power outlets. The latter number eight and all of them are rated for 20A. Four are filtered and intended for low-draw devices, four are direct outputs for high-draw components. Inside the block is an elastomeric potting compound for vibration damping and the adjustable footers integrate spikes. The anodized aluminium case is available in black or silver.

Resistance is futile – Germany's dune and warp join the Roon Ready model library and current pre-orders include a free 1-year Roon subscription plus a 1-year subscription to either the Studio Premier tier of Qobuz or the Hifi tier of Tidal. Both machines are fully balanced preamps with 256-step R2R volume in the analog domain. Phono modules are optional. USB and dual-mono ESS 9038Pro DACs support native DSD. Visit the website for more detail.

NP3 – It's not Nelson Pass the Third but Iotavx's latest €599 combo machine of network/CD player with DAB+ and FM radio. There's also USB and Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX. Integrated volume control serves preamp use and a TI DAC handles conversion from digital to analog. Aside from RCA analog outputs, there's coax/Toslink digital. Dimensions are 435 x 59 x 240mm WxHxD and weight is 6.3kg.

Finnished – Looking like an Amphion, it's actually the Aurelia Aniara DSPe, a 4" active 2-way in a molded composite-fiber enclosure whose drivers are powered by 2 x 50-watt class D with a 24/96 DSP crossover, RCA i/o, 3.5mm mic input and USB in. There's a ±2dB treble and ±4dB bass control. There are three parametric EQ for the bass, 2 for the mid/treble and three subsonic filter options. There's automatic room correction, Bluetooth via USB dongle and automated power down. Claimed response is 50-25'000Hz, finish options are white, black, red and blue.

MK attack – Vincent overhaul the innards of their DAC-1 to gain it the MK suffix [€849]. The prior BurrBrown PCM1796 becomes an ESS 9038 to support DSD 256 and 32/384 PCM. Socketry is USB-B, Toslink, coax then RCA/XLR analog out. The machine comes in black or silver, measures 43 x 7.9 x 34cm and weighs 5.5kg.

Hypsos – Ferrum's Hypsos [€995] is an upgraded power supply capable of outputting precisely calibrated 5-30VDC with up to 6A of current. The display allows output voltage adjustments while a feedback sensor design in the 4-pole cable insures safe and stable operating parameters for the connected device which could be a DAC, phono stage, reclocker, preamp or active speaker with a DC input. Hypsos comes with power umbilicals terminating in 2.5 and 2.1mm plugs for the most commonly used DC inlets. Other terminations by request. The internal hybrid power supply is voltage sensing to accept from 100-240VAC wall power. Supplied mains cable comes in US/EU/UK options.

Hermes not Hermès – Vinshine Audio are taking preorders for their new Hermes DDC which falls between the models Iris and Gaia. Hermes is a digital reclocker with an oven-controlled crystal oscillator and buffer to strip jitter, multiple i/o and a chassis that only comes in black.

All aboard – So sez the new Thorens TD102A [€699] turntable with carbon arm, pre-fitted Audio Technica AT VM95E cartridge and built-in MM phonostage which can be bypassed to use an external phonostage instead. This deck comes in high-gloss black or, as shown, high-gloss walnut and includes a hinged dust cover.

Twice the edge – That's what Cambridge Audio's new 200-watt Edge M mono amp promises [€8'728/pr]. It's a fully balanced design in optimized class AB which the company refers to as XA. It claims to avoid zero-crossing distortion. It uses twin toroidal power transformers and delivers 350Wrms into 4Ω. Bandwidth is 80kHz -1dB, S/NR 115B at full power and distortion less than 0.002%. Each amp weighs 23.6kg and consumes 1KW at full power. Voltage gain is 22/28dB on RCA/XLR.

Climbing K2 – That's Focal's new K2 936 [$5'990/pr], a revised mid-position floorstander for the Aria line. This model now gets Focal's trademark yellow drivers, the aramid-fiber K2 Power cones. It also get the ash-grey premium finish of the Utopia line with a leather-effect baffle. This 3-way speaker with triple 6.5" woofers and twin front-firing ports is rated for 39Hz-28kHz bandwidth and presents as an 8Ω nominal 92dB load with a minimum impedance of 2.8Ω. Crossover points are 260 and 3'100Hz, dimensions are 1'150 x 294 x 371mm HxWxD and weight is 29kg.

Luminous remote – When Lumin's streamers all adopted Leedh processing for lossless digital volume, the company received requests to control volume by infrared remote rather than app. The new Austrian-made piano-black wand in acrylic and zinc runs on 2 x CR2032 coin batteries and interfaces with an included USB IR receiver which obviously relies on a spare USB port. To volume up/down this remote control also adds next/previous, pause, shuffle, repeat, phase invert, display brightness and standby commands. Its numerical buttons are for future use.

SUBtlety. Quadral's Qube CS10 [€749] and Qube S8 [€499] subwoofers got a facelift. The CS10 also bumps up to 250 watt, the S8 to 150 watts. Uprated drivers catch up with these 50-watt power increase and frontal ports promise enhanced dynamics and close-to-wall placement.