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Totally switched – It's TotalDAC's d1-switch [€4'490], a triple-port network switch with one RJ45 input and two RJ45 outputs. This deck "embeds our live-power power supply already proven for DACs, streamers, drivers and amplifiers".

Definitely 6 – That's Zu's new Definition VI [$19'999/pr] aiming for first March shipments. "The ongoing proposition is to deliver maximum musical performance in about 1 square foot of floor space per speaker. Hence Definition VI retains the 13×13" footprint but will be 5 inches taller so 54" without feet. Dual full-range drivers separated by a super tweeter carry over but here is where things begin to change. Version VI uses widebanders derived from Soul VI and a new super tweeter more extended and consistent than the earlier Radian 850, with our machined aluminum phase plug incorporating a version of the compression clamp used in Druid VI. The Eminence LAB-12 woofer returns to the powered subwoofer section now as a front-facing element. The updated subwoofer amplifier now mounts via suspension to further reduce noise. Completely new are construction and first application of Griewe acoustic impedance adaption in a Definition. The cabinet borrows from the engineering investment in Soul 6 by using a stiff relatively lightweight internal superstructure to manage energy dissipation and thwart cabinet talk with less bulk so Definition VI will be about 40lbs lighter than Definition 4. All prior Definitions were sealed  boxes with powered subwoofers. The subwoofer reappears but the Griewe scheme used in every other Zu floorstander now applies to each of the full-range drivers. We've engineered an innovative way to implement Griewe via the rear of the speaker rather than floor-facing and incorporated an internal Griewe Gap adjustment so that the widebanders have useful response to 35Hz and the woofer can be more precisely assigned to its true specialty task."


Twins – For AVM that's two new all-in-ones called CS 3.3 [€7'490] and CS 5.3 [€8'990] in their Evolution range. Both pack a CD transport, headfi, plenty of digital and analog inputs and a finely adjustable phono stage. Power is 350wpc. Where the machines diverge is in their gain devices. The 3.3 is pure transistor, the 5.3 integrates valve voltage gain. Trim is black or silver and for a surcharge, chrome as shown.

Re:booty – That's former UK brand Onix globally relaunched by YBA's team in their corporate HongKong offices. For $3'500 there's the RA-125 whose nomenclature refers to 8Ω power. This integrated runs off dual 420V transformers, sports an AKM 4493EQ DAC, Alps pot and wrap-around chassis cover. The 200wpc OIA-92 shown [$8'900] will launch Feb/Match and in the 93 version add DAC inputs. Acrylic face plates remain the signature Onix touch.

Long awaited. Finally available – That's what today's HifiMan press release said about their Edition XS [$499]. It's a planarmagnetic design with oval ear pads and nano-tech membrane. Specs are given as 8Hz-50kHz response, 18Ω impedance, 92dB sensitivity and 405g of wear weight.

F5 – This isn't the FirstWatt amp but new Audience Forte F5 powerChord [$649/1.5m], a six-conductor 10-gauge mains cable of stranded copper with US, EU or UK terminations.

Piqued? – Or are you feeling peeked or peaky instead?  If the latter, YG Acoustics' new Peaks range has your name. Still sealed not ported, still aluminium baffled, it's the remainder of these cabs which lost their metal to go to a European high-pressure resin finished in oak, rosewood or ebony instead. ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore mid/woofers and woofers carry over from the company's upper ranges. The 2-way monitors are 6" and 7" 2-ways respectively. The smallest tower grows the bigger monitor to the floor, the middle tower becomes an 8.5" 3-way with 7" midrange, the top 3-way floorstander goes to a 10.25" woofer. The 1kW active sub runs on an 11" BilletCore woofer with 3" voice coil. Consult their webpage for further details to learn how the six new Peaks go down-market without sacrificing core YG Acoustics qualities.

Gryphondor break down the door – Taking a page from the apex predator and survival of the fittest, Gryphon of Denmark have released their new flagship range. It consists of the Commander preamp with external PSU and Apex stereo/mono amps. The monos pack a total of 128 bipolar output transistors, more than 2 farad of capacitance and 4 x 2'000VA toroidal power transformers. Say hello to 900lbs of T-Rex on your floor. Where power is everything, the Apex monos deliver nearly 1'800Wrms into 1Ω and do so in pure class A. The matching preamp claims new standards for high-current low-noise performance. Capacitive 4.3" TFT displays set into a triangular frame are common to these components. If you must ask price, it's €52'000 for the pre, €82'500 for the stereo and €165'000/pr for the mono amp. This is cost-no-issue fare aimed at ultimate power, control and realism. For more specs, go here.

Nomen est omen – The name PF-1000DC from Taga Harmony says what it is: a power filter with added DC blocker and up to 1000A surge-current protection. Of eight Schuko outlets, two connect direct, two more go direct but add DC blocking, another four filter the AC plus block DC. There's a phase detector with polarity switch and the front panel features a voltage indicator display. The box measures 13 x 14 x 43cm HxWxD, weighs 4.2kg and comes in silver or black.

A macro on Acro – That would be Astell&Kern's new Acro CA1000 [$2'100], a mobile 256GB player which bolts permanently onto a DAP screen a higher-powered headphone amp with up to 15Vrms balanced output and four different headphone sockets. There's an ESS ES9068AS quad DAC to support 32/384 PCM plus native DSD512. 8'400mAH 3.8V Li-Polymer battery power can operate without external supply for up to a claimed 10.5 hours and there's Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi. A micro SD card slot supports up to 1TB of extra file storage. A big vertical volume wheel adjusts playback levels. The screen can be set from flat to 60° raised and stationistas have 2V RCA outputs, RCA, coax, USB and Toslink inputs to let this deck front a speaker system.

Temporal blur – You won't be getting any with Alberto Guerra's Tempo [$5'500], a compact 100/200wpc into 8/4Ω GanFet stereo amp bridgeable to twice the power. Based on the circuitry of his award-winning AGD Productions Vivace just without packaging his switching circuit inside a tube's glass bottle, the fast-switching class D Tempo measures all of 11 x 3.75 x 6.1" WxHxD and weighs just 10lbs. Its pulse-width modulation frequency is a high ~600kHz, input impedance 40kΩ, voltage gain 23dB. Finishing of the machined aluminium enclosure is silver or black, high-gloss polish extra. Like the 'tube'-fitted amplifier models, Tempo's power module is swappable should next-gen improvements become available. No built-in obsolescence here.

2022 Jazz – It's the two-way Jazz 2022 from Spain's Maximino López who via bonySound sells direct this Accuton 2-way floorstander built into a Birch ply enclosure pre-tensioned in all three axes with internal carbon-steel rods. His drivers of choice are a 30mm inverted sapphire tweeter and 173mm matching mid/woofer with 2.5kHz Mundorf filter frequency and 86dB sensitivity. Accuton's 30mm diamond tweeter is a surcharge option. Claimed bandwidth is 35Hz-25kHz, dimensions are 108x40x45cm HxWxD, weight is 42kg. Pricing comes to €8'900/pr or €13'550/pr with diamond tweeters. Finish options are high-gloss or matte lacquer over black or white with rosewood, walnut, apple or ebony sides. The unusual company name references the vibrating bones inside the inner ear.

Come to mother – You can with SOtM's new sMB-Q370 motherboard [$550] which is optimized for what the company believe is very best audio performance. For $1'300, it will come fitted with their sCLK-EX clock, for €1'450 they add a masterclock input. This obviously is for DIYers building their own music computer from scratch. It presents an alternative to commercial solutions which are generally intended for multi-tasked computing not sound-first applications. Most audiophile servers run commercial boards like Asus. It's very rare that a hifi company will design and build their very own board from the ground up. SOtM to the rescue.

Sparkling – That's Audio Physic's revisited Spark now with proprietary 5" spiderless midrange driver. This stand mount is a proper 3-way with 40Hz-40kHz bandwidth from a 7" woofer in the company's glass-clad multi-layer enclosure tech. The custom stand terminates in magnetic isolation footers for decoupling the load from the floor. Multiple finishes are available. From the looks and specs, this is the top portion of the Codex 4-way.

Add Saber IEMs to your Sabre DAC – Now you can with Campfire Audio's new Saber [$449], a triple-driver in-ear with 8mm polymer-beryllium dynamic, 6mm nano titanium dynamic and one balanced armature all encased in lightweight synthetic with 3D-printed innards finished with a damascus-steel end cap and pure copper cabling.

Crossed over – Magico's MXO active analog crossover [$48'000] first designed at 120Hz for their M9 speaker is now available with a 55Hz fixed high/low pass turnover for subwoofer integrators everywhere. The actively regulated linear power supply sits in its own 27kg housing. The 18kg head unit packs 12dB of gain and can deliver up to 15Vrms. The attenuator gives ±12dB range in 0.5dB steps. There's also a push-button phase control for each output. The filter slope is a 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley and i/o are on XLR exclusively.

Jamie LANister lives – SOtM's new iSO-CAT7 [$450] is an inline network isolator/filter so RJ45 goes in/out whilst the filtering probably involving isolation transformers and more happens inside the block which treats each of Ethernet's four signal lines separately. A Special Edition [$800] adds three 50cm dCBL-CAT7u links of different tuning. A special Xmas Edition [$450] limited to 100 units includes a single 30cm cable link.

Arachnophobic? – With Audio Physic's new midrange, your fear of spiders will be healed. Available as retrofit for their original Midex and Codex models [€2'900/pr upgrade kit includes new xover] and standard in the current iterations, this driver does away with the inner centering suspension called spider which traditionally is corrugated cloth stiffened in resin but also a known source of nonlinear distortion. The new German driver thus eliminates that cause and effect to heighten resolution and spaciousness. Prices for the new Midex and Codex start at €11'500/pr and €14'000/pr respectively.

Cool cat from JCAT – At €4'500, JCAT's new Optima S ATX bills itself as the world's first totally uncompromised fully linear power supply for computers. The rear panel thus sports DC outputs for 5V/2A, 12V/2A plus headers for CPU, PCIE, HDD and 24-pin motherboard feeds with separate ports for the shields of the included cables which are meant for those connections.

Rethm 2022 – Jacob George of India's speaker house Rethm in Cochin has announced a fully overhauled lineup featuring new cosmetics and driver orientations. Shown from left to right are the new Aarka, Trishna, Maarga and Saadhana. Polish correspondent Dawid Grzyb is promised one of the first review loaner pairs of Aarka. We'll look out for his findings soon.

v2 cubed – Cube Audio's Nenuphar and Nenuphar Mini range of widebander speakers "now has even more bass and high-frequency extension with slightly less upper midrange energy. This results in absolute sonic immersion. The new v2 wood finishes are oak and smoked eucalyptus and the new drivers are the F8neo v2 and F10neo v2."

Bella – Heco's new BellaDonna two-way rear-ported monitor [€4'999/pr with stands] is that and not poisonous. It combines a 20cm Kraftpaper mid/woofer with 32mm copper/aluminium voice coil with a 30mm soft-dome tweeter for 34Hz -6dB extension and a 2'600Hz 3rd-order filter frequency. Biwire terminals offer a +2dB high-pass option and the chassis uses up to 25mm thick walls to put 18kg on the scale. Finish is cherry wood with ice-silver lacquer.

Fidelity connected – Ex Astrin Trew boss Michael Osborn has launched connected-fidelity™ to offer cables across all categories, fuses, RF blockers and a balanced 2Kva power mains supply. Check it out. This incidentally is somewhat old news but we just got the press release.

70 years later – That's Nagra's Reference Anniversary turntable [$175K], the firm's first which was under R&D for the last four years. It uses a dual-motor 11.2kg engine whose belt-transferred power is controlled by an accelerometer comparator against a quartz reference to insure speed stability for the 6.5kg areospace-alloy floating platter. Nagra's trademark modulometer affords easy calibration and pitch control. There's an aluminium sub platter with phenolic interlayer, a spheroidal graphite-iron shaft-bearing housing, induction-hardened steel shaft with sintered bronze bushing and an oil-lubed stacked carbide ball bearing. A 22mm transparent methacrylate surface finishes the platter with skeleton-watch insight into the motor drive unit. The record weight is pure copper. The suspension borrows from the HD Preamp and HD DAC X, the external power supply and drive unit run off super caps for virtual battery power. The bespoke 10.5" tonearm uses twin-concentric carbon-fiber tubes with intermediary wood layer. There's magnetic anti skating and silver monocrystal tonearm wiring sourced from Crystal Cable. VTA adjustments are on the fly via rotary collar. Azimuth is adjusted via an eccentric portion of the tonearm with accompanying dial. Overall dimensions are 661 x 451mm and weight is 80kg.

Flying below the radar – It's the Stealth [$1'495], Music Hall's first direct-drive turntable with a brushless motor, 4-pound rubber-damped aluminum platter, aluminum tonearm with on-the-fly VTA adjustment, pre-mounted/aligned Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, auto shut-off and standby modes, touch-activated electronic speed control for 33.3, 45 and 78rpm, removable head shell, dust cover and small external power adapter.