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Gilded notes – Gold Note's new PSU-10 Evo is a bolt-on upgrade for their DS10/10 Plus DAC/pre-/headfi deck [$1'240]. Like the PSU-10 dedicated to their PH-10 phono stage, the Evo is available in matching black, silver or gold. Here it is a 4-transformer design with ultra-low-noise voltage regulators and twin choices custom-tuned to give their smallest 4-in-1 the very best operating conditions.

Eintakt Hybrid Triode Inc. – Well, not Inc but Int for the new Thöress 20wpc EHT integrated [€8'950] with a single 6J5GT triode driving a unity-gain Mosfet current buffer for the ultimate in circuit simplicity. Four RCA inputs and remote control round out the basic features. The designer promises typical tube virtues without any of the common limitations of output transformer coupling. Based on the EHT monos we reviewed, that's truth in advertising.

The hits keep coming – The latest from Denafrips is the Terminator Plus. Ahnuld went back to the gym. A new oven-controlled dual crystal oscillator operating at 45.1548 and 49.152MHz powered by a new shielded PSU in the encapsulated lower storey is now the only link between the processor and R2R boards for even lower noise and higher S/NR of 127dB. The 0.005% thin-film resistors of the 26-bit R2R ladder network (6-bit DSD with 32-step FIR filters) now sport a thermal co-efficient of 10-15ppm. Like the standard Terminator, the Plus is available in silver or black, weighs 19kg and comes with a 3-year warranty.

adVANTAgeous? – Gryphon Audio Design announce a new cable range at the very top of that product chapter in their catalogue. Vanta cables include digital and analog interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. Conductors are always the very same long-grain silver/gold alloy to assure a continuous front-to-back loom experience. Connectors are from Oyaide and Neutrik, the dielectric is PTFE. Shielding is via silver-plated copper screens, the outer jacketing is a gloss-black polyurethane. The Vanta power cord [€3'800/1.5m] uses 2 x 12 gauge and 1 x 16-gauge legs with Oyaide C-079/C-279 connectors. The analog interconnects [€4'800/1m XLR] go to 13 or 16 gauge conductors, the digital specimens in 75Ω and 110Ω terminations [€2'900/1m] apply thinner 21 AWG equivalents whilst the speaker cable with chunky metal splitters [€11'800/2m/pr] applies 14-gauge legs in either spade or banana termination.

LinnenberG news – "In 25+ years, I never betrayed my belief in any of the gear I built. However models change whenever I see opportunity to come up with something better, not just an upgrade or Mk2 version. Too often improvements are too radical to make them fit into old constructions. That's part of my game, one may like it or not. Fortunately some do and each time I come up with something new, we generate sufficient interest for a small production batch. It was never my intention to build up a large company. Instead we have real handmade products with as much attention to detail as possible. Here I'm talking about Liszt already. Widor is much better in my opinion and even did sell better when looking at the sales revenues. But there are a few people wanting mono amplifiers with a moderate footprint like Liszt. What to do when Liszt is completely sold out? Build another batch? Not. Wrong company. My answer is to launch an improved mono version based on Widor. This will be the G.F. Händel scheduled for the end of the year. The accompanying preamp/dac G.P. Telemann replacing the original Telemann is already in the starting blocks."

Massive passive? – Au contraire. The icOn4 is petite but includes two Slagleformer magnetic volume controls whose taps are actuated in 40×1.5dB steps with super-fast Fet switches controlled by MCU firmware. There's ±7.5dB balance, mute, input selection, AV bypass, night mode and more via pre-paired Apple remote. In a far smaller casing, this machine takes over where the John Chapman passive left off when its designer stopped production due to overwhelming OEM work. The icOn4 can be configured for 3:2 or 4:1 RCA i/o upon order time.

ARCing to new heights – As part of their 50th Anniversary product line improvements, Audio Research have a special edition of their LS28 linestage. "The improvements stem from what was learnt during the creation of the Reference 160 Series amplifiers. Very similar to the wire and parts changes in the REF6SE and REF PH3SE, the LS28SE even includes upgrading to our proprietary gold coupling caps."

Customers can begin upgrading their existing LS28 in July 2020.

Titanic news – Nothing is sinking however. Rather, Gary Campbell believes something is rising to the top. "Titan Audio are delighted to announce a new range of mains cables. We have a new dedicated range of both source (low power) and high-current cables each built for purpose. The new cables retain the existing model names but follow a new format. The high-current versions will carry the 'Signature' suffix like Nyx & Nyx Signature, Helios & Helios Signature. In a world's first, our Helios, Helios Signature, Eros and Eros Signature add the option of our patent-pending Forcefield Technology to bring a new level of RFI/EMI protection. This has never been seen in the audio industry. It offers an invisible shield around the cable while maintaining the power delivery characteristics our cables have always offered. Forcefield technology may be optioned when purchasing a new power cord or be added later as Helios and Eros models now come with Forcefield Technology connectors."

24/384+DSD512 in discrete R2R – This time the recipe is baked into Armature's Asterion DAC [€1'649] which can be operated in NOS or oversampling PCM/DSD mode. Digital inputs are on AES/EBU, coax, BNC, USB, Toslink and HDMI for I²S. The USB transceiver is by XMOS. Analog outputs are on 4.5V XLR and 2.5V RCA. Available colors are silver and black. The deck measures 43 x 30 x 5.5cm WxDxH and weighs 8.5kg.

New Bowers & Wilkins – The 705 and 702 Signature models feature "a stunning new Datuk gloss ebony-colored veneer with distinctive grain. This custom finish combines the beauty of exotic real-wood veneers with the environmental benefits of a sustainably sourced supply from specialist Italian wood company Alpi under nine of coats of lacquer. The tweeter is a two-section carbon dome whose 30-micron aluminium dome is stiffened by a vapor-deposited layer of carbon. A 300-micron carbon ring profiled to match the main dome then bonds to the inner surface to add stiffness. First breakup mode is at 47kHz. The bullet tweeter housing is a solid 1kg mass of aluminum to provide a stiff less resonant structure. The midrange is an aluminium driver with decoupling system, the wooder an aerofoil cone whose outer skins are filled with an ESP core." The floorstanding 702 Signature [$6'500/pr] is a 3-way vented box with 25mm tweeter, 150mm midrange and 3 x 165mm woofers. The 705 Signature monitor [€4'000/pr] is a 2-way vented design with 25mm tweeter and 165mm mid/woofer.


Bali bopper – That's Vermouth Audio's new 10th Anniversary Edition monitor speaker with premium Raal 70-20XR AM ribbon tweeter and Accuton 6½" mid/woofer on a 1.65kHz crossover with rear port. 86dB sensitivity and friendly 7.3Ω minimum impedance at 145Hz plus bandwidth of 44-50Hz/kHz ±3dB round out the basic specs. More complex cabinet geometry indicates that Hendry Ramli meant to up his game and premium crossover parts underscore it further. There even are Vermouth-branded Rhodium-plated tellurium copper posts. Thus far mostly known for high-value cables, Vermouth now clearly aim at adding upscale stand-mount loudspeakers to their fine reputation. With current travel restrictions, this could be the ideal way to sample some of Bali's famous sun shine. Because that's where these speakers are from.

Sibling rivalry – If your S/PDIF felt left out because all the fuss went to USB, iFi have just rectified the digital purification games by giving the electrical and optical S/PDIF output of your source their own dongle. Hello 192kHz-ready S/PDIF Purifier2 [€250] with its 10MHz clock, galvanic isolation circuity and external low-noise SMPS. It's not a USB but S/PDIF decrapifier.

Blacked-out duel of the Dual – German turntable specialist Dual add a full black version of their CS-800 [€1'199] fully manual spinner with cardan-suspended tone arm in carbon fiber. Previously this model was available only in silver/black trim.

Don't phone in your phono – With iFi Audio's new iPhono3 Black Label [€1'099], you're likely not to. It comes with an ultra low-noise power adapter to deliver 15VDC to the MM/MC phono stage. With adaptable gain from 36-72dB, selectable impedance and capacitance plus six different EQ curves, the underside of the box is festooned with dip switches to enable the adjustments.

Not Graceland but line – That's a new line of audio cables from Chris Sommovigo. The geometry is based on his Setsuna cable for Black Cat Cable but refined and expanded into a parallel line-up. More details will drop once this website builds out.

Questyle in US/Canada – Bluebird Music just took on the brand Questyle for their portfolio and for their markets start out with four Questyle models. There is the CMA 400i preamplifier, DAC, headphone amp at $799 US/$1'069 CAD; the CMA Twelve premier DAC and headphone amp at $1'499/$1'999; the CMA Twelve Master at $1'999/$2'669; and lastly the QPM Music Player at the US/Canadian price points of  $1'999 and $2'669.

+ Amp – That's Mytek's Brooklyn Amp with the new 'plus' suffix. "New faster transistors cut so-called switching dead time to low nanoseconds and there is a faster and higher 650kHz carrier clock. Both contribute to greatly improved low level detail and lower distortion. In addition the output filter frequency is now two times higher." Original Brooklyn Amp owners can have their unit upgraded for $500. 1% THD specs for power delivery are 250wpc into 8Ω and 400wpc into 2Ω. Though the new transistors aren't openly identified, they read like gallium nitride parts which are gaining in popularity with class D circuits from AGD Production to Java Hifi to Merrill. We recently even saw them in Gold Note's small class AB amplifier.

Close off your leaks – That's the motto of Acoustic Revive's Reality Enhancers aka shorting plugs for unused RCA/XLR i/o. The underlying rationale claims that open plugs act like miniature antennae  for circuit boards and that closing them off improves the overall sound. These Japanese parts use a duraluminum/bronze alloy and include an internal quart resonator to reduce resonances. RCA plugs sell for €525/ea, XLR variants demand €660/ea.

Extremes – With Magico's announced M9, it's difficult to know which extremes to point at first. $750'000/pr? 1'000lbs + 40lbs (crossover) + 60lbs (xover PSU) per channel? HxDxW dimensions of 203 x 102 x 51cm? If all of that has you curious, visit their website for the full story. Successful business means either following or creating demand, then supplying it. Magico must see an audience for this type extreme product to invest into its design, building and (cough) shipping and delivery. For scale, each of those two woofers measures 15 inches across.

Isolate your network switch – That's Aqua Audio's LinQ. It distributes incoming Ethernet over RJ45 to single and dual AES/EBU, coax, BNC and Aqua's I²S over RJ45. USB is notable for its absence where the firm prefer the sonically superior I²S format. As a modular design with built-in LAN switch that's designed in house and requires no network configuration, each vertical board is fronted by its own power supply and galvanically isolated. Currently available network cards are RAAT and UPnP DLNA.

Single and very available – That's Arcam's Solo Uno [€699], just 1.5kg worth of 50wpc/4Ω streaming amp with RJ45 input, 3.5mm stereo input and RCA sub out. Onboard are Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, UPnP, MQA and Roon-Ready. Control is via app but the front also sports hard volume up/down, mute and source selection controls.

Not jaded but Jadis – The new French JS2 MkIV DAC is announced as a trickled-down JS1 flagship simplified into one chassis. With a 24/384 USB input and dual mono Asahi Kasei AKM 4497 chips for full DSD support on the digital side, the analog half gets one 12AU7 double triode per channel, the power supply a big EI transformer, Schaffner filter and two/each voltage feeds for digital and analog.

Do we know you from Adam? – From Berlin comes the new Adam T8V active monitor [€598/pr], an 8" ported 2-way with small AMT tweeter, 20+70w class D power per channel, DSP filters and ±2dB of treble/bass cut/boost. Claimed bandwidth is 33-25Hz/kHz. Upon registration, warranty coverage extends to 5 years.

FLS 9 – Audia Flight's new integrated amplifier is a 150/290wpc 8/4Ω class A/B design stable into 2Ω with a full 500 watts from a kilowatt toroidal power transformer and 120'000uF of capacitance. Socketry includes 2:3 XLR:RCA inputs and fixed/variable RCA outputs. There's also a 6.3mm headphone jack and an option of a 32/768/DSD256 USB DAC with Toslink, 2 x coax and AES/EBU. There's a full-function aluminium remote and the all-metal machine weighs a stout 25.5kg.

Kalista goes vinyl – For the 20th anniversary of the Kalista CD player, the French Métronome firm under Jean Marie Clauzel just introduced the DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty [€44'700] turntable in aluminium, methacrylate and steel finery. "Stability is assured by three adjustable feet with magnetic fluid suspension and the platter itself floats on magnets. Motor speed is electronically controlled and the tonearm is fully adjustable."