Wireworld Stellar 48

Stellar optical HDMI – It's Wireworld's Stellar 48 cable for lossless lengthy connections at 48GBps speed to support 8K video. "Stellar 48 utilizes world-class fiber-optic technology, materials and construction techniques. The newly developed proprietary Vividtech system reduces video pixel noise for surprising improvements in edge definition and color saturation. Stellar 48's laser modules are made by American company II-VI, a leading supplier of lasers for the most demanding applications. The driver chipset is produced by German company Silicon-Line, a leader in microchip technology. The cable's four optical fibers are of superior OM3 laser-optimized grade. The cable structure features double-thickness shields and several high-strength Kevlar fiber bundles for increased durability and freedom from interference. Stellar 48 supports all HDMI2.1 features and capabilities including HDR10+, HDCP2.3, Ethernet, Enhanced ARC and Deep Color." Stellar 48 HDMI sells at $330/1m, $360/2m, $400/3m, $500/5m, $550/10m, $600/15m, $650/20m, $750/30m. Could this also be a solution for high-rate I²S over HDMI that must bridge long distances?