Vitesse – From Audio Physic to Sonics to now Süsskind Audio and his own speaker collection with Rose Handwerk, Joachim Gerhard remains busy. The latter collaboration revisits some of his favorite earlier models in new interpretations. Vitesse [€4'700/pr] exploits a just-released 21mm soft-dome now ScanSpeak tweeter which previously was the Dynaudio D-21 in his original Audio Physic Tempo. It now crowns a 4cm thick solid cherry baffle above a 15cm ScanSpeak mid/woofer which 'round back is augmented by an oval passive radiator. One of the inside walls of the white  HDF cabinet is treated with hard foam, then fiber board sealed with aluminium butyl, then a plate of Basotect damper. An integral plinth with footers and biwire terminals with a fast-slow switch for bass adjustments round out the 48 x 16 x 32cm HxWxD package.