Vermöuth new monitors

Shine up – Hendry Ramli of Bali's Vermöuth Audio is working on a new 3-deep range of 3-way studio monitors. As is expected by now, the drivers start with a Raal ribbon on top, then continue as Accuton ceramics. Finishing is high-gloss black and even white is under consideration. All of them will be active, too. The Reference One [448x345x445mm WxHxD] gets Raal's 70-20XR ribbon tweeter with nano-crystalline C-core transformer. The midrange is an Accuton C168-6-990 cell driver, the woofer a matching AS190-9-252. Bandwidth is 30Hz-50kHz with tri-amped 250+250+500W power.

The Reference 02 [660x350mm WxH, D TBA] gets the same tweeter and midrange but doubles up on the woofers. The Reference 03 goes to a Raal 14015D tweeter, doubles up on the mids then goes to dual Accuton AS250-8-552 woofers. Further specs TBA.