Titanic news

Titanic news – Nothing is sinking however. Rather, Gary Campbell believes something is rising to the top. "Titan Audio are delighted to announce a new range of mains cables. We have a new dedicated range of both source (low power) and high-current cables each built for purpose. The new cables retain the existing model names but follow a new format. The high-current versions will carry the 'Signature' suffix like Nyx & Nyx Signature, Helios & Helios Signature. In a world's first, our Helios, Helios Signature, Eros and Eros Signature add the option of our patent-pending Forcefield Technology to bring a new level of RFI/EMI protection. This has never been seen in the audio industry. It offers an invisible shield around the cable while maintaining the power delivery characteristics our cables have always offered. Forcefield technology may be optioned when purchasing a new power cord or be added later as Helios and Eros models now come with Forcefield Technology connectors."