Sublime Acoustic K235

Sublimate separation pains – You can with Sublime Acoustic's new K235 active crossover [$1'200, lower intro price]. It allows for 2-way or 3-way operation with 4th-order or optionally 2nd-order slopes. It's a pure analog design executed with Burr-Brown opamps, metalized poly-film and metal-film resistors and Alps metal-film pots. Filter values are set with pluggable cards. The sub channel has mono summing, the subsonic filter sits at 15Hz/4th-order. There's also a baffle-step compensation control. All signal paths are available on RCA and true balanced XLR. The max allowable input voltage is 5.5V, gain adjustments per leg are -9dB to +8dB. The internal power supply is linear. Available filter cards cover 30Hz-100Hz in 5Hz increments, 110-200Hz in 10Hz increments, then 250/275/350 and 450Hz, then 300-4'000Hz in 100Hz steps and 4'500-16'000Hz in 500Hz. The chassis is available with/out rack ears.