Lorenzo Audio

Lorenzo Audio Labs – From Kroma Audio's co-founder Miguel Lorenzo Castro and Joseph M. Gallart comes a new audio brand. Between each other, these gents claim over 20 years designing and manufacturing speakers, working OEM for other brands and putting in time as hifi distributor and audio magazine publisher. Their LM5 monitor is a front-ported 2-way with ¾" tweeter and 6½" carbon-fiber mid/woofer whose cabinet is built from phenolic wood laminate augmented by Panzerholz details and Mundorf/Pathaudio hard-wired filter components. Matching stands are included. The LM1 floorstander is a big 4-way design with super tweeter, 1" compression tweeter, 11" paper/ALNiCo midrange and paper/AlNiCo 16" woofer with twin rear vents. At 200kg/ea., this is a true heavyweight and 96dB sensitivity with 20Hz-35kHz bandwidth confirm the ambitions. No pricing info accompanied the press release but close-ups of Lorenzo's elite finishing suggest the luxury leagues particularly for their flagship. Time will tell.