LampizatOr Horizon

Event horizon – It's LampizatOr's new flagship Horizon DAC/pre with 6 digital and 2 analog inputs plus RCA/XLR outputs and an XLR subwoofer output. There's a new digital engine for up to 768kHz PCM and DSD512 and a balanced new composite octode output stage. That interleaves four power pentodes and two twin triodes into a new tube entity. Socket adapters can expand the 6SN7 triodes to all the usual noval types like 6N1P, ECC99, 6922, 12BH7 and 5687. The pentodes can be EL34, 6V6, 6L6, KT66, KT88, KT90, KT120, KT170, 6550 or 5881. The tube rectifier is a 5U4G or equivalent.  Dual nixie tubes show chosen input and volume with zero display noise. The chassis is milled from solid aluminium. An FMJ remote control is included. In preamp mode—analog in and out—the tube gain stage bypasses fully. The inset top plate can be any color of the client's choice. The machine measures a substantial 44x50x17xm WxDxH and weighs 33kg like a power amplifier. Inside it are 3 x 100-watt power transformers with enough secondaries to feed 17 discrete linear power supplies. Shipping is in a custom flight case.