L2 – Vinnie Rossi's two new components are a preamp [starting at $14'995] and set of mono amps [$14'995/pr]. The L2 preamp is a class A DHT unit compatible with 2A3, 45, 300B, PX4, 101D, 205D and SV811 via one-switch filament voltage selection. The linear power supply features dual 100VA toroidal transformers, over 100'000uF of very low ESR power supply rail capacitance and multiple patented Belleson super regulators for ultra-quiet voltage regulation of the L&R triode B+, L&R triode filaments and power to the optional DAC and phonostage modules. A discrete 64-step resistor ladder volume control uses Pickering relays. There are true active balanced and single-ended i/o. A bypass switch circumvents the DHT with a class A JFet stage. Tube sockets are Yamamoto.

The matching L2 monos use 500VA toroidal power transformers, over 100'000uF of rail capacitance and "ultra-wide bandwidth, class AB Mosfet outputs". Power is 75Wrms into 8Ω, 140Wrms into 4Ω and stable into 2Ω. Output impedance is ~0.1Ω, input impedance 100KΩ. Bandwidth is 2Hz-250kHz ±0.5dB, 0.5Hz-900kHz ±3dB. Voltage gain is 27dB, S/NR 100dB for full output.