Hylixa Signature

Hyperlixir – Or something quite like it. It's Node Audio's new Signature Hylixa version [starting at £30K/pr] is based on their original 3D laser-printed helical bass monitor but visually distinguished by a new base. "The central stem remains but gone is its extruded aluminium, now replaced by a single laser-fused pillar of the same dynamically inert glass-nylon as the head. This provides increased space for the upgraded Mundorf/Duelund crossover, completely eliminating the proximity of metal which can degrade the signal. The binding posts are now at floor level for even more discrete hook-up. The Signature takes bespoke up a notch. As well as endless cabinet paint options and precious-metal fascia plating, the base can be bright stainless steel or chemically blackened. We offer complimentary CGI visualisation for thorough experimentation to achieve the perfect combination."