Prana – Goldmund's new active vented 3-way speaker called Prana [CHF 70'000/pr in Switzerland, other territories vary with VAT and exchange rates] combines a 1" soft-dome tweeter with a 7" midrange and 9" woofer plus 600 watts of Telos power per channel of which 175w/ea. go to the tweeter and midrange, 250w to the woofer. Inputs are 1 x S/PDIF, 1 x WiFi. Weight is 80kg each, dimensions are 48 x 99 x 47.6cm WxHxD. The stacked cabinets are assembled of solid aluminium panels and joined by the included frame. Onboard DSP controls time alignment, filters and gain. Bandwidth is published as 35Hz – 25kHz -6dB.