Clearaudio Reference Jubilee

Clear and present jubilee – Hello Clearaudio's new 22kg Reference Jubilee turntable [£17'500]. The original Reference as the company's first design launched in the 1980s with a boomerang-shaped acrylic chassis which the new Reference Jubilee revisits in a Panzerholz and aluminium sandwich. A 6cm main platter of polyoxymethylene rotates on a frictionless ceramic magnetic bearing. Built into the 8.5kg stainless steel sub platter is an optical speed controller which takes sensor readings 1'598 times per revolution. A 12-bit DAC generates a motor reference voltage which converts via discrete electronics into an analogue voltage signal. This digital reference compensates slow movements or drifts due to temperature, oil viscosity or belt friction. The motor is a high-torque, air-core (non-magnetic) 24-volt DC affair with belt drive. Its housing decouples from the main chassis with a network of rubber ropes.