Jet Satri circuit – With their new AMP-13R, Bakoon have added a new precision bias circuit which controls/adjusts temperature in real time to instantaneously get their Exicon lateral Mosfets in the output stage perfectly biased. No more warm-up period, no more performance drift with temperature. Due to this innovation, Bakoon's core circuit will henceforth be known as Jet Satri. Performance specs for the AMP-13R are 10Hz-0.5MHz bandwidth, 28dB max gain for speakers and headphones (high) or 8db for headphones (low) and 25wpc into 8 ohms. A 50-step microprocessor-controlled attenuator directly sets the circuit gain via remote or with the Urushi-lacquered knob. Bakoon's prior emitter resistors in the output stage have been eliminated to lower impedance and raise the circuit's speed. Connectivity is 1 x current mode BNC input and 2 x voltage mode RCA. The amp's foot print is a compact 23cm, height of the front baffle just 2.7cm.