Aavik SD-880

Non-switching Continuum Processing – Hifi buzz word detectives could be stumped by Aavik's description of their new €67'000 SD-880 streaming DAC's MO. The 22MHz upsampling frequency rather points at on-the-fly resampling to DSD512, a well-established FPGA solution practiced by APL Hifi, Cen.Grand, iFi, Koch, Marantz, Meitner and PS Audio for a few examples. It can also be done in player software like Audirvana or HQPlayer if a DAC can process native DSD. The SD-800 builds it in. Input connections are 2/ea. BNC and Toslink plus USB, RJ45 and dual USB host ports. Outputs are digital BNC and analogue RCA. The power supply is switching and the machine weighs a solid 33kg. Its industrial styling is by Gryphon founder Flemming Rasmussen who now collaborates with Michael Børresen on cosmetics. The Aavik streaming app embeds Tidal, Quobz, vTuner and MQA. Ansuz Darkz Z2 Signature roller-ball decoupling feet are included. Data support is up to 32-bit PCM384 and 256 for native DSD. Because my press release didn't specify/show that Aavik's display renders cover art, it's probably exclusive to the app.