Remote Viewing with Gold Note

Any mention of Florentine hifi house Gold Note must start with Maurizio Atterini, their helmsman. Right after of course comes the team he's assembled around himself. For today's feature of 'remote viewing'—not the Russian efforts at psychic surveillance but a solution for travel restrictions during a time of global pandemic—I dispatched a series of email questions. That format proved easier than Zoom. It didn't rely on real-time translations from Italian to English and back. To anchor my industry feature, I wanted to follow a product's genesis from concept to production, from paper-napkin sketch to professionally packed component or speaker ready to ship. As consumers, we see the latter but hardly ever are privy to the long road traveled before it hops into a box and onto a truck. How does a new Gold Note model come about? What's the process, the work flow, the collaboration between different departments, the nixed prototypes, the beauty contests, the listening tests, the arm wrestling between marketing, engineering and accounting?

My bilingual contact and marketing director Tommaso Dolfi will be our virtual tour guide, revealer of secrets, unlocker of doors, botherer of busy engineers, picture snapper and general fly on the wall armed with high-grade stickum paper to catch all. Let's see what the two of us can cook up. Only one thing is certain. It won't be fettuccine con pesto alla trapanese.

… to be continued…