Zero sum or greater than its parts?

Doing the sums. Dim sum is the tastiest of the lot. The lump sum is a single payment rather than instalments common with annual insurance plans. A zero-sum game neither creates nor destroys wealth but simply shifts one party's loss to another party's gain. More attractive math than winning because another loses is a sum greater than its parts. A recent review of Kinki's new Flame cables now branded Exact Express drove that home. Like a tug-of-war team pulling in one direction to maximize its force, using a unified cable loom from one brand accomplishes more at a budget than an arbitrary mishmash—hogwash?—of posh links. It's when a common design philosophy of conductors, dielectrics, geometry, connector plating and electrical parameters all pull in the same direction that our results well eclipse what such cables can do in an off-brand context. Put differently, I'd rather have a complete loom of Exact Express' lower Earth range than a partial loom of their higher Flame range that's mixed up with leashes from other providers.

Having recently 'purified' my two setups accordingly as far as I could, the results do speak for themselves. A certain action or performance behaviour has crystallized. At least to my techno-peasant brain, the reason is my now coherent no longer piecemealed approach to signal propagation between components. If you're all set, this could be immaterial. But if you're just partially 'there'—you have favourite cables but some outsiders still hang about—it could be worth your while to try replacing those for a more focused tug of war whereby your loom pulls in one single direction without conflict? At least that's now my experience so I thought to share it with you here…