Tiny not tinny. The Danes started to strut small stands tall in our upstairs. The photo shows the setup: Soundaware D300Ref SD card transport ⇒ I²S via HDMI ⇐ clock sync ⇒ Denafrips Terminator + ⇒ icOn 4Pro SE ⇒ 80Hz filter ⇒ high pass ⇒ Goldmund/Job 225 ⇒ Raidho ⇒ low pass ⇒ Dynadio 18S.

To show size in relation to other minis, one photo says it all. The X1t is compact but would still house two SuperMon Mini stacked if turned sideways. A 5¼" mid/woofer is simply bigger than a 4" widebander even though the Korean manages to pack an isobaric mate inside its petite aluminium extrusion.

Before we roll sound…

… here's a closer look at Raidho's planar tweeter. The fine mesh grill is surprisingly rugged mechanically thus real protection against a kid's inquisitive fingers.

The usual terminal assets are far stumpier than the norm but fully spade-certified. In fact, they ask very politely why we need long bulky cylinders sprouting from the backs of our boxes when something rather smarter does the job just as well?

For a luxury-priced/finished  product, the poorly hand-written serial # struck me as declassé. Why not a proper decal?

Pretty and smart. Could this be a dangerous liaison?