Mr. Fritz's modification was a winner out of the gate and only gained ground over the review period. The ePlus Cryo initially replaced the Power1 SE on amp duty and immediately coaxed more and better info from my Audio Zone D-2. The older SE was a champion at responsive power and control but the new iteration added stunning subtleties. Newfound responsiveness showed improvements in gradation and separation of dynamic lines that unraveled greater instrumental textures and contributed to greater musical liveliness. Precision of placement improved as well as soundstage layering information. The richer tonal balance found in the other new Audio Art cables mirrored here and the ePlus Cryo reinforced it with greater dynamics in the upper bass and lower mids. Mr. Fritz had supplied me with two cords and the results, singly or combined, were consistent regardless of application. They bettered the Power1 and showed surprisingly well against considerably costlier Arkana AC cables. The Audio Art held the middle ground of tonal density between Arkana's Suprema Flamen and Corona Magi with more apparent liveliness and similar precision. In haute-tier fashion, the Arkana better assimilated overt technical character points as acoustical performance but the contributions of the ePlus Cryo were addictive and proved complimentary in mix and match scenarios, quite a feat given the price difference. The ePlus Cryo now stands at the top of Mr. Fritz's Power1 series and the performance gains warrant that status.

That brings us towards the end of today's journey. Mr. Fritz has delivered new cable models that demonstrate well-deserved trust in the fundamental correctness of his prior designs and ability to raise performance with the enhancements of better contacts and connectors plus new deep cryo treatments. His Statement series ups the bar again with even higher-grade formulations to appeal to loftier wallets. For those of more realistic means, all products reviewed here are exceptionally strong and sufficiently neutral to elevate the performance of any system. Time to give out report cards for Audio Art Cable's class of 2020.

The two balanced interconnects differ in price and ability but can be easily recommended. Both showed superior low noise and immunity from EMI than any RCA cable in house. The lower SE2 ETI Brio is a major upgrade from its older SE series and will do spectacularly well and disproportionate to its asking price. It's a high-resolution paragon with a touch of extra warmth that may be preferred to the technically superior e2 Cryo ETI Kryo in systems veering towards the overly dry. The e2 Kryo earns its higher pay by making the most of its enhancements to hit benchmarks approaching top tier. In ambitious systems that cut close to neutral, this cable's refined dynamics will challenge far costlier competitors.

If you're unbalanced, the e2 Kryo virtues come across pretty much intact in the RCA version with an added twist that will make you smile. At lower cost than the least expensive balanced version, the Kryo RCA is the stone-cold bargain of the pack. If you're committed to unbalanced operation but your system begs for serious improvements on the front end, this is a no-brainer recommendation. The insertion of the lavish little SC-5 e2 speaker cable was akin to pocket pedigree. Its small size belies its performance which will honor systems that don't require the current demands of an arc welder or control of big drivers with large excursions. The e2's appealing balance and dynamic sophistication have the capability of pulling immense beauty from a recording and the size and flexibility make it extremely lifestyle friendly. That merits an easy recommendation.