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As you say, you indeed distribute a very exclusive portfolio of products particularly in electronics, with brands such as Technical Brain, Bricasti, Robert Koda, Neodio, Dalby Audio Designs, Trinity Electronic Design and others. How have the ZenSati cable lines fitted themselves within this ambitious portfolio and have they revealed any new insights or synergies with your other brands? 
"All ZenSati products starting with their entry-level cables exert a profound change on the listening experience from the lowest frequencies to the absolute highest in every system. The presentation becomes effortless, engrossing, wonderful and natural to listen to for hours on end without any fatigue. The cable's neutrality and speed make it very easy to evaluate our other great products. Hence these Danish products are truly innovative and outstanding in every respect and ZenSati cables are universally synergistic with all electronics and speakers. I have yet to hear a single system which didn't improve in every aspect with a ZenSati makeover. Comments from customers are 'you cannot go back'."

Again, given the plethora of cable choices, what drew you to distribute ZenSati in particular?
"The amazing synergy, speed, neutrality and overwhelming effect these cables have once encountered made them a complete no brainer. These cables have no filters and rely purely on the quality of their materials and simplicity and ingenuity of design to connect to the music so successfully. They are leagues ahead of anything else."

The sound of Zen. Barring the #3 starting point in the ZenSati stable which looks rather plain in its matte grey sleeve, the rest including the #2 are outstanding in terms of build quality. There is a definite luxo feel to these spectacularly executed cables and purchasers of course will and should expect a certain level of bling at these asking prices.

Routing these cables behind racks into tight spots will require some planning, balancing, twisting and turning of both cable and installer as they’re somewhat stiff. Once in their spots they should remain put however so no major issue there. Any minor physical impracticalities are soon forgotten once the system fires up. What did Johansen say about neutrality and tonal integrity? Agreed. These cables are balanced top to bottom. Where some others display a lift in either frequency extreme or a homogenisation of the tonal palette (always subtle with cables but nevertheless perceivable), the #2 just presented the music evenly and uninfluenced – intact.

So tonally there were no fireworks, no bombastic high-flying acrobatics, just neutral conduits for my electronics and speakers to show their mettle. This is the ‘do no harm’ edict at its purest. What happens when you remove the ZenSati #2 from your system to A/B with your existing cable loom? You may find you’ve suddenly having gone backwards. There’ll be a loss of tonal integrity, of timbral solidarity, of musical wholeness. It’s like having subtly poor eyesight but having lived with this condition long-term to not really notice it. After all, what would you compare it to – yourself 20 years younger? Who remembers that? Now a brief encounter with 20/20 eye wear reveals the world in a purer more precise light. Going back to unaided sight shows the magnitude of deficiencies one unknowingly put up with until now.