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In addition ZenSati apply "extensive treatment" to each conductor, presumably a form of polishing and 'ultra' surface smoothing and/or cryogenics and/or wave irradiation. Finally a panel of audiophiles and musicians beta-tested the development of the cable lines for which "phase response, lightning-fast transient response and harmonic integrity" were the key sonic priorities.

Late in the process as I was finalising the review, I was told that ZenSati have begun shipping their cables with a ZenSati-designed proprietary RCA and XLR plug system images of which I was promptly supplied with by our Australian distributor. As pictured below these very jewel-like connectors resembling the geometry of the cables’ dress pieces are the new babies.

On the cable system itself I asked Mark Johansen to expand on the nature of the design. "The ZenSati cables include air-filled dielectrics isolated with FEP tubes. That makes them a little stiff. The main conductor is protected by a patent and is flat, twisted and ultra smooth. The huge advantage in this design is speed and neutrality, hence the cables don’t colour the sound to inject their own sound signature. Today we really need these kinds of cables because many manufactures now produce neutral speakers and electronics."

ZenSati use a mix of pure high-purity copper, silver and gold-plated copper depending on model. I asked Johansen where the cables are made. "All are hand-assembled here in Denmark. We have over 25 different suppliers around the world but assembly always occurs with us in Denmark."

During cable product development, what does the team look for in terms of the design’s sound quality? 
"We go for a design with speed and absolute neutrality. Then we consider a good price structure to fit to the best products we can find."

As far as the local scene here in Australia goes, I was curious on the uptake of such expensive cables. I asked the affable George Fracchia of ZenSati Australia, their local importer and also distributor of many more exotic brands, what his challenges were in offering such high-end cables to what may well be an oversaturated yet small Australian market.

"The Australian market is indeed oversaturated and very small. Brand cognition is a huge determinant in people's choices. Unfortunately that's often to the detriment of real and absolute improvements as presented by lesser known companies. Many of these new companies exist only because the better known companies didn't innovate or progress. They often just produce more of the same by substituting more expensive resistors or capacitors with zero circuit or design innovations. We at ZenSati Australia select products purely on their absolute musical performance. Unfortunately many audiophiles believe only in what reviewers write, particularly reviewers from the USA. They have no confidence in what they themselves hear. In doing this they deny themselves the real connection to music. It's like someone describing to you a photograph. Surely you must look at the photograph for yourself?"